Dr. Christopher J. Malloy (-)

Dr. Malloy earned his Ph.D. Theology, from Catholic University of America, May 2001; his M. A. Theology from Catholic University of America, May 1995 and his B. A. Theology, from the University of Notre Dame, May 1992. He currently serves as Associate Professor of Theology at the University of Dallas. He also served as Acting Chair of Theology (Fall 2009 - Spring 2010) and Assistant Professor of Theology (2001 - 2007). In addition to his teaching duties he is the Associate Editor and peer reviewer for Nova et Vetera, Ad hoc peer reviewer for The Thomist and Ad hoc book reviewer for Catholic University of America Press. As a theologian, he specializes in theological anthropology, approached from both Christological and Trinitarian perspectives. He has published on the issue of justification, with particular interest in the contemporary ecumenical dialogue between Lutherans and Catholics. His theological goal is to strike a balance between the rigorous discipline between Lutherans and Catholics.


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