Rev. Dr. Kenneth R. Klaus (-)

The Rev. Kenneth R. Klaus is Speaker Emeritus of The Lutheran HourĀ® radio program. As Speaker Emeritus, he writes and records a sermon a month for The Lutheran Hour, writes and edits Lutheran Hour Ministries' daily devotions, records Bible studies and other video clips for the LHM Men's NetWork (an online men's ministry resource), and represents Lutheran Hour Ministries at speaking engagements across the country. Klaus previously served as Speaker of The Lutheran Hour from 2002 until his retirement from the position at the end of 2010.

Pastor Klaus has 28 years experience as a parish pastor. Before taking the Speaker's microphone, he was administrative pastor of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Dallas, Texas. He served the International Lutheran Laymen's League (the same organization as Lutheran Hour Ministries) as its pastoral advisor from 1996 to 2000. He also held pastoral positions in Minnesota, central Illinois, and South Dakota Lutheran parishes. Pastor Klaus speaks throughout the United States and Canada.

A prolific writer, Pastor Klaus has published many works, including volumes one and two of Stories from The Lutheran Hour - A Changeless Christ in a Changing World and two prayer books (one for use by people in the military and a companion book to be used by loved ones at home). Currently he is writing daily devotions available via e-mail from Lutheran Hour Ministries that speak to readers with the holiness of God in the here and now.

Pastor Klaus holds a Master of Theology degree from Concordia Seminary in Springfield, Illinois, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in pre-seminary studies from Concordia College in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He also was awarded an honorary title, Doctor of Divinity, by Concordia University Wisconsin in December 2005.


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