Rev. Dr. David Bueltmann (-)

David Bueltmann has served faithfully for many years as a pastor, advocate for international missions and president for the LCMS Central Illinois District (a district of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod).

Bueltmann graduated from Concordia Teachers College in Seward, Nebraska, with a Bachelor of Science in Education in 1968. He also earned his Bachelor of Divinity in 1968 and a Master of Divinity in 1974, both from Concordia Theological Seminary. He continued his education at Illinois State University to get a Master of Arts in music in 1976.

Bueltmann served as pastor from 1968 to 1978 before taking on a 12-year role as executive director of Camp CILCA, an LCMS camp that serves the needs of congregations, businesses and families in central Illinois. He is currently serving as the interim director for the camp.

Bueltmann holds numerous leadership roles for the Synod, his LCMS district, his congregation, his community and Immanuel Lutheran School in Springfield, Illinois, where he served as principal. 


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