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2 Corinthians 13:11

Final Greetings

11 Finally, brothers, [1] rejoice. Aim for restoration, comfort one another, [2] agree with one another, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you. (ESV)


[1] 13:11 Or brothers and sisters
[2] 13:11 Or listen to my appeal

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CTQ Homiletical Studies 46-1

by Dr. Gerhard Aho Douglas MacCallum Lindsay Judisch Rev. Edwin H. Dubberke Rev. Warren E. Messmann Lloyd Strelow R. Robert Krueger Don Poganski Dr. Gerhard H. Bode Jr. Mark R. Oien William G. Thompson Rev. Dr. Henry J. Eggold Jr.Rev. Steven C. Briel Rev. Dr. Harold Zietlow David L. Bahn Richard G. Kapfer

Acts 2:1Acts 2:2Acts 2:3Acts 2:4Acts 2:5Acts 2:6Acts 2:7Acts 2:8Acts 2:9Acts 2:10Acts 2:11Acts 2:12Acts 2:13Acts 2:14Acts 2:15Acts 2:16Acts 2:17Acts 2:18Acts 2:19Acts 2:20Acts 2:21Romans 3:19Romans 3:20Romans 3:21Romans 3:22Romans 3:23Romans 3:24Romans 3:25Romans 3:26Romans 3:27Romans 3:282 Corinthians 4:52 Corinthians 4:62 Corinthians 4:72 Corinthians 4:82 Corinthians 4:92 Corinthians 4:102 Corinthians 4:112 Corinthians 4:132 Corinthians 4:142 Corinthians 4:152 Corinthians 4:162 Corinthians 4:172 Corinthians 4:182 Corinthians 5:12 Corinthians 5:62 Corinthians 5:72 Corinthians 5:82 Corinthians 5:92 Corinthians 5:102 Corinthians 5:142 Corinthians 5:152 Corinthians 5:162 Corinthians 5:172 Corinthians 8:12 Corinthians 8:22 Corinthians 8:32 Corinthians 8:42 Corinthians 8:52 Corinthians 8:62 Corinthians 8:72 Corinthians 8:82 Corinthians 8:92 Corinthians 8:132 Corinthians 8:142 Corinthians 12:72 Corinthians 12:82 Corinthians 12:92 Corinthians 12:102 Corinthians 13:112 Corinthians 13:122 Corinthians 13:132 Corinthians 13:14Ephesians 1:3Ephesians 1:4Ephesians 1:5Ephesians 1:6Ephesians 1:7Ephesians 1:8Ephesians 1:9Ephesians 1:10Ephesians 1:11Ephesians 1:12Ephesians 1:13Ephesians 1:14Ephesians 1:16Ephesians 1:17Ephesians 1:18Ephesians 1:19Ephesians 1:20Ephesians 1:21Ephesians 1:22Ephesians 1:23Ephesians 4:1Ephesians 4:2Ephesians 4:3Ephesians 4:4Ephesians 4:5Ephesians 4:6Ephesians 4:7Ephesians 4:11Ephesians 4:12Ephesians 4:13Ephesians 4:14Ephesians 4:15Ephesians 4:16Ephesians 4:17Ephesians 4:18Ephesians 4:19Ephesians 4:20Ephesians 4:21Ephesians 4:22Ephesians 4:23Ephesians 4:24Ephesians 4:30Ephesians 4:31Ephesians 4:32Ephesians 5:1Ephesians 5:2Ephesians 5:15Ephesians 5:16Ephesians 5:17Ephesians 5:18Ephesians 5:19Ephesians 5:20Ephesians 5:21Ephesians 5:22Ephesians 5:23Ephesians 5:24Ephesians 5:25Ephesians 5:26Ephesians 5:27Ephesians 5:28Ephesians 5:29Ephesians 5:30Ephesians 5:31Hebrews 2:9Hebrews 2:10Hebrews 2:11Hebrews 4:2Hebrews 4:3Hebrews 4:4Hebrews 4:5Hebrews 4:6Hebrews 4:7Hebrews 4:8Hebrews 4:9Hebrews 4:10Hebrews 4:12Hebrews 4:13Hebrews 7:23Hebrews 7:24Hebrews 7:25Hebrews 7:26Hebrews 7:27Hebrews 7:28James 1:17James 1:18James 1:19James 1:20James 1:21James 1:22James 1:23James 1:24James 1:25James 1:26James 1:27James 2:1James 2:2James 2:3James 2:4James 2:5James 2:14James 2:15James 2:16James 2:17James 2:18James 3:13James 3:14James 3:15James 3:16James 3:17James 3:18James 5:1James 5:2James 5:3James 5:4James 5:5James 5:6James 5:7James 5:8James 5:9James 5:10James 5:111 John 1:11 John 1:21 John 1:31 John 1:41 John 1:51 John 1:61 John 1:71 John 1:81 John 1:91 John 1:101 John 2:11 John 2:21 John 3:11 John 3:21 John 3:181 John 3:191 John 3:201 John 3:211 John 3:221 John 3:231 John 3:241 John 4:11 John 4:21 John 4:31 John 4:41 John 4:51 John 4:61 John 4:71 John 4:81 John 4:91 John 4:101 John 4:111 John 4:131 John 4:141 John 4:151 John 4:161 John 4:171 John 4:181 John 4:191 John 4:201 John 4:211 John 5:11 John 5:21 John 5:31 John 5:41 John 5:51 John 5:6Revelation 1:4Revelation 1:5Revelation 1:6Revelation 1:7Revelation 1:8

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CTQ Homilietical Studies 53-4

by Douglas MacCallum Lindsay Judisch David F. Seybold Paul E. Cloeter Rev. David Schlie Jan Case E George Krause Rev. Dr. Stephen J. Carter Lloyd Strelow Rev. Dr. Raymond Frederick Surburg Rev. Klemet Preus Dennis S. Perryman Rev. Dr. G. Waldemar Degner David L. Bahn Mark Eddy Rev. Dr. Ken Schurb Rev. Warren E. Messmann Richard P. Brewer Russell H. Howen Sergei S. Koberg Robert F. Fickenscher

Acts 2:1Acts 2:2Acts 2:3Acts 2:4Acts 2:5Acts 2:6Acts 2:7Acts 2:8Acts 2:9Acts 2:10Acts 2:11Acts 2:12Acts 2:13Acts 2:14Acts 2:15Acts 2:16Acts 2:17Acts 2:18Acts 2:19Acts 2:20Acts 2:21Romans 3:21Romans 3:22Romans 3:23Romans 3:24Romans 3:25Romans 3:27Romans 3:28Romans 4:18Romans 4:19Romans 4:20Romans 4:21Romans 4:22Romans 4:23Romans 4:24Romans 4:25Romans 5:6Romans 5:7Romans 5:8Romans 5:9Romans 5:10Romans 5:11Romans 5:12Romans 5:13Romans 5:14Romans 5:15Romans 6:1Romans 6:2Romans 6:3Romans 6:4Romans 6:5Romans 6:6Romans 6:7Romans 6:8Romans 6:9Romans 6:10Romans 6:11Romans 7:15Romans 7:16Romans 7:17Romans 7:18Romans 7:19Romans 7:20Romans 7:21Romans 7:22Romans 7:23Romans 7:24Romans 7:25Romans 8:15Romans 8:16Romans 8:17Romans 8:18Romans 8:19Romans 8:20Romans 8:21Romans 8:22Romans 8:23Romans 8:24Romans 8:25Romans 8:26Romans 8:27Romans 8:28Romans 8:29Romans 8:30Romans 8:35Romans 8:36Romans 8:37Romans 8:38Romans 8:39Romans 9:1Romans 9:2Romans 9:3Romans 9:4Romans 9:5Romans 11:13Romans 11:14Romans 11:15Romans 11:29Romans 11:30Romans 11:31Romans 11:32Romans 11:33Romans 11:34Romans 11:35Romans 11:36Romans 12:1Romans 12:2Romans 12:3Romans 12:4Romans 12:5Romans 12:6Romans 12:7Romans 12:8Romans 13:1Romans 13:2Romans 13:3Romans 13:4Romans 13:5Romans 13:6Romans 13:7Romans 13:8Romans 13:9Romans 13:10Romans 14:5Romans 14:6Romans 14:7Romans 14:8Romans 14:92 Corinthians 13:112 Corinthians 13:122 Corinthians 13:132 Corinthians 13:141 Peter 3:151 Peter 3:161 Peter 3:171 Peter 3:181 Peter 3:191 Peter 3:201 Peter 3:211 Peter 3:221 Peter 4:121 Peter 4:131 Peter 4:141 Peter 4:151 Peter 4:161 Peter 4:171 Peter 5:61 Peter 5:71 Peter 5:81 Peter 5:91 Peter 5:101 Peter 5:11

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