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Q.tnutnr~ttt IDl1rnlngitul ilnut1Jly Continuing LEHRE UND VVEHRE MAGAZIN FUER Ev.~LuTH. HOMILETIK THEOLOGICAL QUARTERLY ~ THEOLOGICAL MONTHLY Vol. IX April, 1938 No.4 CONTENTS Page A Course in Lutheran Theology. Th. Engelder------------- --... -- _ .. ___ . __ ..... _ 241 Professional Growth in the Study of the Confessions J. Theodore Mueller_ ... _ .... __ ............. _ .... _._ ... _ .... 257 Kleine Danielstudien. L. Fuerbrlnger_. __ .. _ .. _._ .. _ ...... _. ________ .__ .____ "_"'_' __ "_ 268 Sermon Study on 1 Pet. 1:3-9. Th. Laetsch_ ....... __ ..... ___ .___ _ __ ._ .... _ ... _ .... _ 279 Miscellanea __ ..... _ .. _ ... ____ _ ... _ ...... _ ............... _ ... _ ... __ ............. _ .. ____ _____ ..... ___ .. _ 291 Theological Observer. - Kirchlich-Zeitgeschichtliches ... .. _. ___ ._. __ . 296 Book Review. - Literatur ................ _ ..___ ............. _ .... _ .... ______ ..... __ .. _ ......... ___ 313 E1n Predlger muas ntcht alleln Ulei- den, also daM er die Schafe unter- weise, wie ale rechte CbrIaten BOllen "In. BOndern auch daneben den WoeI- fen Ulehren, dus sie die Schafe nteht angrelfen und mit fal8cher Lehre ver- fuehren und Irrtum eInfuehren. Luther Es 1st keln Ding. daa die Leute mehr bel der Kirehe behae1t denn die gute Prediet. - Apolog!e, Art. 24. If the trumpet live an uncertain BOund who shall prepare h1mM1f to the battle? -1 CM. 14, I. Published for the BY. Lath. Synod of MJssoarl, Ohio, and Other States CONCORDIA PUBLISHING BOUSE, St. Louis, •• ~­ BCHIVE Book Review - 53itctatut: 313 Book Review - 2itcramr 15tuttgader ~uliiliiumi3liilieL :;sn ;tafd)enformat, mit ctWitenben ~nmettungen. 1138, 440, 24 Seiten, mH 14 SeHen .!'l'atten unD ~~otogta~~ien 4V4 X 7, lVs ,soU Dier. ~rei~: RM.4.80. "Der ;tC1;t Diefer ~r6er, bie cine iuhfftcl)e ~tad)t!eiftung be~ "Dtneretll unb ~ud)binbets batfteUt, ift betfe!lie wie in bet ~a!iiftina=~Hbetbilier. ~bet hie ~tibUegiette mllirttemlietgifd)e ~ilie!anftart ~at biefem ;te!:te erWirenbe ~nmet" hmQm beigegelien. "Der .\)}crwaltungiltat fd)teibt hn morwort: ,,@lans gewiii lie" batf bie &)eiHge l5d)tift nie!)t erft unfetet mmfcl)lid)en ~nmedungen, ,sufate unb Umfcf)reiliungen, bamU fie als bas mled5eug bet giittHcl)en @lnabe an bet lJ.J1enfcl)" ~eit, in bet ~ircl)e ft", wciI)reub I5t. 53. f)in3ufett ,,[1 ~etr. 3, 15J" (1732). ~oe£) cine ~roue, um l5cf)u' mac~ers 15tH aU fennacie£)nen (unb um 53uft Dum 53efen S3ut~erll au macf)en): "mon mit ferber befenne ie£): Wenn ie£) aU wli~Ien ~litte, wUnfe£)te ie£) mit feine :rumenil. frei~eit. :;se£) mOif)te nie£)t bie Wlogfie£)fcU ~aben, mie£) um mcine l5eHgfeit feTher BU bemii~en. :tIenn wie hann befte~en? (5;s gibt fo bide mnfee£)tungen unb 0e. fa~ren, es uebrlingen ben Wlenfd)en fo bieIe oofe 0eifter - bon benen jeber ein' ,erne ftiirfer ift (lg aile Wlenfe£)en 3ufammen -, bat niemanb fefig werhen lonnte. . .. :tiDe£) 00tt 1)at mir bie l50rge um meine i5efigfeit aogenommen. :;sd) tueit jett, bat mcine l5eligreit bon feinem unb nie£)t bon mcinem :ruillen abo lJiingt. (5;r ~at ber~ei!len, mie£) aU retten, nicf}t bure£) mein stun unb S3aufen, fonbem bure£) fetne 0nabe unb lSarmlJeqigreit. :;sett ~abe id) 0eloit~eit. :tIenn 00tt ift trett. (5;r lleIitgt mid) nie£)t. (l;r 1ft fo miie£)tig Ultb fo grot, bat fein bofer 0eift, feine mnfed)tung i~n ftiir3en unb mie£) igm entreij3en fann" (15. 222). mgL I5t. 53., ,reol. 1961. - Wlan ne~me arfo De Servo Arbitrio 3Ut &janb in bet I5t. S30uifer ober ber tro{e.mt~ettonJcf)en ober brr borHegenben i'tberfellung - wenn nut S3ut~er ge1efen lotto. - miele unferer qJaftoren greifen Heber nae£) cinet engHfe£)en itbetfet\ung. :tIie bon trore,mt~erton ift gut; aber i~t ~ngfifd) ift etwas beraltet. minnte wogl cine ~ettUberf etung betanftaltet werben? Wlan fage nid)t, bat bie miff Dutif d)en ~aftoren nid)t melre fUr f D etloas ,(leU giittcn! st~. ~ n g cl b e r Christian Prayer. By Wm. Arndt. Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, Mo. 67 pages, 51f4X71f4. Price, 60 cts. This fine essay on Christian prayer was originally prepared for, and read at, the convention of the Oklahoma District of our Missouri Synod, May, 1937. It was so well received that the District asked Concordia Publishing House to render it accessible to wider circles by publishing it in book form. This was done, and now this excellent and much-needed monograph on Christian prayer is being presented to our readers with the request for thorough and general study. There are twenty-four chapters, each of which emphasizes some important phase of Christian prayer at.'1d each of which is preeminently timely in our age, in which there is so much ignorance, doubt, and misunderstanding with regard to Christian prayer. We hope that this book will find many interested friends and accomplish much good when perused within and without our church circles. The essay breathes a warm personal spirit, since, when writin.g it, Dr. Arndt manifestly had in mind his sainted wife, who during her long and severe illness was unusually triumphant in prayer and to whose memory therefore the book is fitly dedicated. J. THEODORE MUELLER Christ is Risen. Possible Promises Proved. Reprinted from Easter Bells by William Dallmann, D. D. Northwestern Publishing House, Mil- waukee, Wis. 28 pages. Price, 15 cts. Order from Concordia Pub- lishing House, 3558 S. Jefferson Ave., St. Louis, Mo. This excellently written and beautifully furnished apologetic tract, which strikingly proves the resurrection of our blessed Lord, ought to be spread by the thousands within and without American church circles. To peruse it means to experience genuine spiritual pleasure and to have Book Review - ~itcratnr 317 one's faith in the risen Redeemer mightily strengthened. We are sure that this exquisite brochure will be warmly welcomed also outside our own church circles. J. THEODORE MUELLER Modern Religious Liberalism. The Destructiveness and Irrationality of Modernist Theology. By John Horsch. The Bible Institute Col- portage Association, Chicago. 316 pages, 5lhx8. Price, $1.50. Order from Concordia Publishing House, 3558 S. Jefferson Ave., St. Louis, Mo. There is no doubt that not only much of the spiritual indifferentism and apostasy during recent years but also, as a result, many of our bad social and economic conditions are a result of the inroads which Mod- ernism has made into the churches of America. A number of years ago John Horsch wrote his book Modern Religious Liberalism, in which he ably and frankly exposed the real nature of Modernism. This book has now been printed in a third and revised edition. Considerable new material has been added, and some material of minor importance has been eliminated. A chapter on Communism has been added. We again recommend to our pastors and laymen to make a careful study of this book. Our pastors especially ought to know the religious trend of our times and be well qualified to counteract, with the unerring Word of God, the evil influences which Modernism is exerting in this country and warn of the danger, of which our own people are not exempt. We ought to be very thankful that the Lord, during the past centuries, has kept for us His Word in its truth and purity. However, we ought not to keep this Word for ourselves, but make it known also to others. The need as well as the opportunity of so doing is not lacking. Mr. Horsch dedicated this third edition of his book to Prof. J. Theodore Mueller, Th. D., "in grateful appreciation." J. H. C. FRITZ $rimitil1e nub fernilftlid)e ffic!igi1mcu. Ill. S£leief)ertfef)e muef)~anhfung, .\Jeivaig. fartoniert: RM.1.50. mon ~tof. lRief)atb ®tutmctcljet. 1937. 49 @3eiten 6X9. ~teis, S£lies ift bas erfte .\;left in cinet 6etie bon funf .\Jiefcwngen uber /IlReligions~ gefd)ief)tHef)e (£~ataUertunbell. ~m ~ntereffe bes 03bolutioniilmus ~aben lReti~ gionsgefef)ief)te nnb ~ll~Uofoll~ie naef)3utneifen berfuef)t, bafl aUe lReIigionen, ein~ fef)lieflIicl) bet ef)tijUief)en, fief) bom Illnimiilmns 3nm 9.Ronot~eiilmns enttuicreU l)iitten (lIDeUl)anfen, i:ril1tfef), 6iibetblom uftn.). S£lemgegenilfJet ~afJen namentnd) Illnbretu 13ang nnb bet fatljolifef)e ®. lID. 6ef)mibt (Urflltung bet ®ottesibee) bie %ljefe bcrteibigt, bafl bie fficligionen bet l)cutigen fufturarmen miilter beutnef) ,eigen, ban bie urflltungIid)c mefigion monotljeiftifef) tuar. D. ®rutmaef)cr beljanjJtet, ball fief) tneber bie cine nod) bie anbere i:~efe lJe~ tucifen laffe. iler leitenbe ®ebanfe fciner Untetfuef)ung ift: lIS£lie ®runbbegriffe bon 9.Raef)t, ®eift, .\;leHigreit finb bet meftanb aUet llrimitiben lReligionen"; benn in aUen lReligioncn finbe man bie 9Jcaef)tborfteHung im \1'etifef)iSmus nnb i:otemiS~ mus, ben ®rauoen an cin geiftiges 13eben naef) bem i:obe im IllnimiSmus, 6eeren~ fuft, Illnimatismns, nub ben Illnfat oU cinet @3ittenle~te in bet i:afJnbotfteUnng. (6.3-15) mon biefem ®efief)tsllunfte aull fd)ilbert bet metfaffet (6. 16-49) bie alt~ ef)inefifclje .\;limmellltelillion unb bie 603iaret~if bes (£onfu3ins, ~aotfe unb i:aoill~ 318 Book Review - 2itetatur mns unb bie artjapanifef)e Gfjintoreiigion. 5\)ie Illbfjanblnng 3eigt, roie in ~~ina bie ffieligion fief) nief)t rUr ben ein3efnen, fonbem fUr bie groflen ®emeinfef)aften, 3. lB. i\'amHie, i\'rcnnbfclJaft, Gtaat, intereffiert nnb roie in ~apan bas materlanb ,3entrnm ber ffieiigion ift. i\'. ~. 5JJl a ~ e r An Introduction to Medieval Europe, 300-1500. By James Westfall Thompson and Edgar Nathaniel Johnson. 1092 pages. illustrated. W. W. Norton & Co., New York, N. Y. Price. $5.50. May be or- dered through Concordia Publishing House, 3558 S. Jefferson Ave., St. Louis, Mo. James Westfall Thompson is Sidney Hellman Ehrman Professor of European History at the University of California and author of a number of important works in this field. The present volume is a revision of his History of the Middle Ages, 300-1500, done by Edgar Nathaniel Johnson, associate professor of History at the University of Nebraska. Professor Johnson writes: "Professor Thompson put at my disposal a manuscript in which he had made many alterations from the original text. I am deeply obligated to him ... for the unlimited freedom he granted me to reorganize, rewrite, and expand his manuscript." The result of this collaboration is in this reviewer's opinion a most excellent piece of work. In twenty-nine chapters this great period in the history of the world and the Church is depicted with the bold strokes of a master artist, so that the reader's interest is aroused and held as grippingly as if it were a dramatically written historical novel. Whether dealing with the intri- cate questions connected with the great doctrinal controversies of the Church or with the complicated systems of feudalism and manorialism, the authors succeed in presenting their story in such a way that even the layman of average intelligence will enjoy and appreciate it. Pro- fessor Johnson has really accomplished what he set out to do when he wrote: "I have tried to remember that history, in the final analysis, must also be a history of ideas and that at the same time it must also be refreshed constantly by intimate contact with warm human beings and the homely facts of daily life." It would be tedious to the reader to give here all the chapter headings in order to show the well- thought-out arrangement of the material; but a few shall be stated by way of illustration (the Roman numerals indicate the chapters): I. The Greco-Oriental Conquest of the Roman Empire. II and III. The Christian Conquest of the Roman Empire. IV and V. The German Conquest of the Roman Empire. VIII. The Civilization of Early Western Europe. XIV. The Apex and Decline of the Holy Roman Empire. XVIII. Western Europe Encroaches on Islam. The Crusades. XX. The Urban Revolu- tion. The Gilds. XXVIII. The Church in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries. Among the valuable features of the book are the illustra- tions, 61 half-tones and 22 line-cuts. There are six colored maps and 32 maps in black and white. There are fourteen genealogical tables and fourteen pages of references for further reading, together with a com- prehensive index covering 23 pages. Considering the number of pages, the sturdy binding, the many fine illustrations and the maps, the price of the volume is very reasonable. W. G. POLACK Book Review - £literatut 319 My Beloved Armenia. By Marie Sarrafian Banker. The Bible Institute Colportage Ass'n, Chicago. 205 pages. Price, $1.25. A tale of that land which has perhaps seen more persecutions than any other, written by a woman who spent her early girlhood hiding in caves from the Turks and, after the war, lost her family, relatives, and friends at the hands of the Turk. A simple story, written for simple people, of which much might better have remained unwritten, giving, however, a little intimate glance into Armenian life and suffering. THEo.HOYER 3)1l~ ~nte :teftllment im fird)Udjen ttntenid)t. ~on @et~atb t5d)millt. (,I;~r.~.reaifer~~etTag, 9Jltind)en. 1937. 144 t5eiten 6X9. I.j:lteis: @e~eftet, RM.2.80; gebunben, RM.3.80. ~s ift fe{bft ftir cinen I.j:laftot, bet nur engHfd)eu Un±ettid)t erteHt, bon gtobem llllert, roenn er aud) in beaug auf bie ~euetfd)etnungen in bet l.j:liibllgOgU im ~uS!anbe, befonbetS aud) in 5i)eutfd)lanb, etroas auf bem laufenben lileilit. 5i)aliei fiinneu biefe !Be±tlld)tungen bem £le!jter bes ~lten ~ej'taments gute ~ienfte {eiften. 5i)et erfte ~eH (Jib! dne allgemeine iibetfid)t Uber .rerUU bes ~rten ~ej'ta~ mcuts, ~Jlet!jobU unb berroanbte \},ragen. 5i)er 5roeite :tei! liietet 38 !Be!tad)±uugen tiber altteftamentlid)e @cfd)id)ten. 5i)ie mOt3tigc beil !Bud)es finb !jaul>tfiid)Hd) bie bie1cu SUate bon £lut!jet. UUD man mub 3ugcncu, tvas gelioten roitb, ift in~ formierenb, anregenb. ~ber es finben fid) aud) bide ,{lugcj'tiinbniffe au bie moberne !BibeUtitif, Demu roit nid)t lieij'timmcu fiiunen. llllatnm bie bielen ausfiiUigen !Bemetfungen, bie fe!jt oft bie liibUfd)CU ~usfagen Ulier bie metfaffetfd)aft in Sroeifer aie!jen? llllatum nid)t butd)roeg bibe1~ unb befenntniS±teu? ~mmet~in: 5i)as !Bud), mit motfid)t gevtllud)±, !jat gtoben llllet±. I.j:l. ~. oR t e t m a un Asleep in Jesus. Funeral Sermons. By J. H. Hartenberger. 135 pages, 5Xn~. Price, $1.25, postpaid. The sainted Pastor J. H. Hartenberger was known in our circles as a gifted preacher, and his published sermons found a ready sale. This collection of funeral sermons, prepared for publication by a son of the author, bears witness to the thorough Bible knowledge and pastoral experience which characterized the sainted author. We have here the words of one who has tasted the cup of sorrow and has drunk deep of the well-spring of salvation, whose mouth therefore spoke out of the abundance of his heart. The little volume will prove to be a welcome addition to the libraries of our pastors. Order directly from the editor, Pastor H. W. Hartenberger, Hooker, Okla. TH. LAETSCH Associated Lutheran Charities. Thirty-sixth annual convention, August 31 to September 3, 1937. 159 pages, 6X9. Price, $1.00. This report has become a desideratum for every pastor who wants to remain abreast of the charities movement in our own circles. The report is comprehensive, containing not only the full roster of the affili- ated organizations and their delegates, but all the reports, addresses, and institute outlines, as well as the convention sermon. Only by study- ing this report shall we be able to give constructive assistance to a very earnest and active group in our midst. P. E. KRETZMANN 320 Book Review - £itetatut BOON IVED From Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, Mo.: Who Has Redeemed Me. Daily Devotional Readings for Lent, March 2 to April 17. By Alfred DoerfHer. 63 pages, 3%X5%. Price: Single copy, 5 cts., postpaid; dozen, 48 cts., and postage; 100, $3.00, and postage. o £antl1t &otte§ Unfdiulbill. mon ~tof. %1)eobot £iitfd). 62 f5eiten 31jzx5%. I.j.lteis: :!las f5tiid 5 ~ts" llottofrei; bas ilutenb 48 (ns. unbl.j.lorto; 100: $3.00 unb ~otto. From Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Mich.: The Jews and the Passion for Palestine ill the Light of Prophecy. By Keith L. Brooks. 100 pages, 5X7%. Price, $1.00. The Christian's Resurrection Body; Its Nature and Characteristics. By Laurence William Miller. 48 pages, 5X7%. Price, 35 cts. Daily Manna. A wall calendar of daily devotions for every day of the year. Edited by Martin Monsma. Price, 75 cts. Smoking and Other Habits; Their Effects and Cures. A medical and scientific discussion of the tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and opium habits. By Frank Leighton Wood, M. D. 68 pages. Price, 25 cts. Helen Kel1l1edy-Christian. By Wynema Atherton. 107 pages. Price, 75 cts. These Religious Affections. By Harold John Ockenga. 159 pages. Price, $1.00. From Eden P1i.blishing House, St. Louis, Mo.: Jesus of the Twentieth Century. By Herman J. Schick. 119 pages. Price, $1.25. From Fleming H. Revell Co., New York, N. Y.: Cbildren's Everyland Story Sermons. By Hugh Thomas Kerr, Pastor, Shadyside Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, Pa. 185 pages, 7lhx5. Price, $1.50. From the Macmillan Co., N ew York, N. Y.: Swords into Ploughshares. By Mary Hoxie Jones. An Account of the American Friends Service Committee, 1917-1937. 374 pages, 8lj4X51j2. Price, $3.00. From Fundamental Truth Publishers, Findlay, 0.: Harp A-Thrumming. By Frederick H. Sterne. 144 pages, 5%XS. Price, $1.00. 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