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Qtnurnr~ttt m~tnln!lirttl :!InutlJly Continuing LEHRE UND WEHRE MAGAZIN FUER Ev.-LuTH. HOMILETIK THEOLOGICAL QUARTERLy-THEOLOGICAL MONTHLY Vol. V November, 1934 No. 11 CONTENTS Die Theologie Karl Barths. w. Kemner •••••••••••••••••• The Primitive Christians. E. G. Sibler ••••••••••••••••••• Die chronologische Reihenfolge der Weissagungen im Buche Jeremias'. P. E. Kretzmann ••••••••..•••••••••••••••• Melanchthon and Luther's Translation of the New Testa- Page 817 829 835 ment. H. O. Keinath. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• 842 The Church Reform of Henry VITI a Product of the Renaissance. Theo. Hoyer. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• 847 Sermon Study on Reb. 10, 32-39. Th. Laetsch. • • • • • • • • • •• 854 Der Schriftgrund fuer die Lehre von der satisfactio vicaria . • • • • • • • • • . . . • . . . . • . • • . . .. P. E. Kretzmann ••••••••••• 863 Sermons and Outlines ............................... 866 Miscellanea ........................................ 871 Theological Observer. - Kirchlich-Zeitgeschichtliches .... 879 Book Review. - Literatur ........................... 889 Ein Predlger mU98 nicht alleID welMla, alao dass er die Schafe unterweise, wle ole reebte OhrIaten BOllen eeln, BOndem auch danehen den Woelfen 1D6hreA, dass ole die 8chafe nicht angreUen und mit faacher Lehre verfuehren und Irrtum eln- fuehren. - LuIMr-. Es 1st keln Ding, daB die Leute mehr hel der Klrche behaelt dean die cute Predigt. - ApolQgu, Arl.~. If the trumpet give an uncertain BOund, who shall prepare b1meelf to the battle f 1 Cor. ,lJ,8. PubUshed for the Ev. Luth. Synod of lItissouri, Ohio, and Other States OOJ!l'OOBDIA PU'BLISBING HOUSE, St. Louis, Mo. Book Review. - 2ite1:lltu1:. 889 Book Review. - £ttel'atUl'. ~inreitung in' bn~ ~nte ;tcftnment. mon P. Lie. llB i I ~ e I mlffi 011 e 1: . .;5ogannes &'dettmann, ,{l\1Jicfau. 301 l5eiten 9% X6V4, in ~eint1.lanb mit \Riicfen~ unb :tIedeHitel gellUnben. q.\1:eis: RM. 14.50. ~ie aUermeiften ~inleitungen in bas ~l1te %eftament, bie ~eutautage e1:fd)eb nen, finb ent1lJeber giin3Hd) antibibHfd) ober mad)en bet fogenann!en llBiffenfd)aft, bas ~ei!lt in biefem iraU bem Unglauben, gat bebenflid)e 3ugeftiinbniffe. ~s ge~ reid)t uns bal)e1: 3U gro!ler irreube, lffioUers "Cl:htlcitung" aur ~enntni!lna9me unferer Befer au bringen. lffioUer ~at als Iffiotto fUr feine ,,~inleitung" bas m:lort (,1;);. 3, 5 ge1lJiil)H, au bem cr bann ein befonbcres morl1Jor! gefd)rieben !Jat, 1IJ0rin er bie @runbfiite, bon benen aus er fein mud) gefd)riclJen gat, tur3 bar1egt. m:lit tefen ba: 1I~!l ift gerabeau als ein @runbfegter ber %1Jeologie an3ufe~en, baf; fie aus falfd)er \RUdjiel)t aUf bie lJrofcme @efd)id)tsmiffenfd)aft, in bem berte~tten ~grgei3, bon biefer ag bOU angefegen au merben, ·aud) bie Ubergefd)id)md)~gefd)id)lb Hd)en ®egenftiinbe in mijfenfd)aftftd)er, l;iftorifd)er :tItsfuffion nur immanent be~ l)anbclu roill ober menigitens unter ~bgrenaung bes bogmatifd)en (,I;[.ementes bon bem l)iftorifd)en. :tIarauf !.Jat aber bie lJrofane llBifjenfcljaft feinerIei ~lnf\Jruclj; bas ift 3uerft au fagcn. . .. (,I;s roiire bas aber aueI) 311Jeitens augfeid) loie ein merrat an ber eigenen l5ad)e, cine merfeugnung iljres tiefften llBcfC11S. ~enn ber llBett bieier &'detlsgefd)id)te ift ia gerabe b,as itbergefd)icljtftd)e, roa~ bod) ®e~ fd)idjte gell)orben ift. ~ine fofdje ~ufgabe ber ~igengefeufid)feit ift aber in llBirf~ fid)feit btitlens audj gan3 unboU3iel;!lar, fnmenig Iffinfes bas ireuer bnn bem mUfdj fd)eiben lonnte. l5ie ift viertens aud) um fn gefiil;rHd)er unb unberanb loortficljcr, ag bie lJrofane m:liffenfd)aft geneigt iit, bas frbergefd)icljtftd)e Iffioment nid)t nut aU ignotieren, [onbern BU ueftreiten." >rIm I5djluf; biefeil mortuottS lcfen lui! bas fdjone mefenntnts: ,,~as 9ceue %eftament fiif;t feinetlei 3roctfel, bat bat ganse ~1te :leitament ®otles llBott ift. S)amit ift ~1te§ unb 91cnes %eftament nurd)aus nid)t aUf gleic~er 5'liid)e gefegen. ~in ~ater rebet nattirlidj anbets au Heinen a!S au getangeroacljfenen .!tinbernj immer auer ge~ort tebes llBott bem mater BU, unb er gat fidj in tebes llBntt gefegt." 9JCBUer fett fid) mit ben mueften ~rimern auseinanber unb Beigt in gan. meiftetgo·fter llBeife, mie beren :tl)eorien nid)t nur f d)tiftroibrig, f oltbern aud) in ben meiften 5'iiffcn giit13lid) unlogifd) finb. ~lu5 bet irUUe bes bargeootenen lffiaterialS grdie id) nut stud ausgefii1)tt, ba% bet ll5etfalfet bes bietten ~bangeliums bet ~pofter ~o1)an~ nes iit. ~Uetbil1gs fiinnen mit bem ~usieget nicl)t Deiftimmen, wenn er bon ~tttiimern bei ben l6~noptHetn rebet. ~ud) fonit 1),at bas in bidet Sjinftcf)t tiid)tige lilled bofttineUe lJJ1angel, io ba% es mit ll5otfid)t gelitaucl)t loerben mu%. m.i. ~ t n b t. Personality and the Fact of Christ. By Harold Paul Sloan. Cokes- bury Press, Kashville, Tenn. 261 pages, 5Y2X7%. Price, $1.50. Just as behaviorism and mechanism in Ilhilosophy, so also Modernism seems to have had its day. There is now a decided swing of the pendulum from the extreme left to positive Christianity in practically all denomina- tions of our country, and Dr. Sloan's new volume proves that also in Liberal Methodism conservative men are again raising their voices in the wilder- ness of confusion and unbelief to assert and vindicate the general verities of Christian truth which Modernists so blatantly cast overboard. Though often couched in terms which many will not understand, Sloan's Personality and the Pact of Christ is nevertheless a contribution to ap0'logetic litera- ture. The auth0'r, a Methodist minister, now stati0'ned in Haddonfield, N. J., has lectured on systematic theol0'gy at such sch0'ols as Temple Uni- versity, Drew University, Garrett Biblical Institute, Princeton Theol0'g- ical Seminary, and the Boston University School of Religion, aml his ex- perience and learning serve him well in confuting Modernism. Of his works the best-known are: Historic Christianity and the New Theology, The Oh1'i.st of the Ages, and The Apostles' 01·eed. In the present volume he treats and defends in modern terms and with constant reference to modern philosophical and psych0'logial categories the old apologetic themes: "vVhy God Became Man," "Christ's Own Testimony of His Deity and Messiahship" ("His Self-Consciousness"); "The Finality of Christ's Re- ligi0'n and Ethics" ("His Supernaturals"); "His Transforming Grace," "His Infinence ('Impact') upon the Centuries throngh the Church," "His Changeless Glory." The author ably defends the reality of human sin and guilt, of God's wrath and judgment upon sin, of Christ's deity and hnmanity and redemption, and so forth. In positive theology his stand is that of c0'nservative Methodism, so tha,t from the standpoint of the Bible his presentation of the Christian doctrine is sometimes woefully inadequate and 0'ften downright incorrect. Next to the first chapter, in which he confronts mechanism and behaviorism with idealism, the chapters on "The New Birth" and "The Trinity" come in for a large number of terms which the average reader will not understand and which, to say the least, are confusing, if not altogether wrong. The mysteries of conversion and the Trinity d0' not yield themselves to illustration in the light of reason. Here all the apologist can do is to state these doctrines in their Scriptural Book Review. - mtetatut. 893 truth and to point out the unreasonableness of unbelief which rejects them. The book in its entirety has apologetic value. The author has packed into this small volume a mass of useful and up-to-date information. He is acquainted with the present-day theological and religious movements both in Europe and America and quotes the latest authorities. A spirit of deep earnestness pervades all discussions. J. T. MUELLER. Luther's German Bible. A Historical Presentation, together with a Col- lection of Sources. 14 plates. By M. Rev" Professor of Theology, Wartburg Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa. The Lutheran Book Concern, Columbus, O. 1934. 226 pages (exclusive of the plates), 5 X 8. Price, $4.00. Order from Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, Mo. Having read with much pleasure and profit the distinguished con- tribution of our esteemed colleague Dr. P. E. Kretzmann to the observance of the four-hundredth anniversary of Luther's translation of the Bible into German, we were given another thrill when the book of Dr. Reu on the same subject reached us. These two works by no means cover exactly the same ground, but one rather supplements the other. What characterizes the present book, which is by far the larger of the two, is a very pains- taking, thorough presentation of all the source mateyjal and of the opinions of the great investigators in this field. While the author does not wish to have people think that he rummaged libraries and archives in Europe to unearth and publish data which hitherto were inaccessible, he asserts that he acquainted himself with what has been written on the subject of Luther's Bible and unites all the various bits of information in one com- plete essay. A perusal will amply bear out the justice of this claim. The author has studied the enormous amount of material which has been gathered in recent years and has been submitted to the literary public in learned monographs and especially in the Weimar edition of Luther's works; and here he places it before us in fascinating form. The volume testifies to his massive scholarship, indefatigable industry, and great literary skill. The book consists of two parts, one containing the "historical presentation" and the other the "source material." In the first part the author dis- cusses, in six chapters, "The Bible in the Middle Ages," "Luther and the Bible," "Luther's Translation of the New Testament," "Luther's Trans- lation of the Old Testament," "The Complete Bible of 1534," "Luther's Work on the Bible from 1534 until His Death," and, "The Distinctive Characteristics of Luther's German Bible." The numerous notes, covering seventy-six pages, contain the evidence for, or a further elucidation of, the statements in the text. Many current notions as to the extent of acquaintance with the Bible on the part of the clergy and the laity prior to the Reformation are here corrected or modified. In discussing Luther's great work, Dr. Reu speaks with warm admiration and kindling enthusiasm. In the section of the book which submits source material, in the first place, selections are brought from works that were published before Lu- ther's Bible appeared. These extracts are followed by selections from Luther's lectures on the Psalms, 1513-1515, from his lectures on Romans, 1515 and 1516, from his explanation of the seven Penitential Psalms, 1517, from his lectures on Hebrews, and from his commentary on Galatians. The third section of this part contains material illustrating Luther's first attempts at Bible translation, selections from the September Testament of 894 Book Review. - \3itetntut. 1522 and the Bible of 1546, and selected prefaces. The fourteen plates are a valuable addition to this great work. The book was originally written in German. Friends of Dr. Reu translated it into English, Rev. J. C. Mattes being responsible for the rendering of the historical account, Prof. S. Salz- mann, assisted by Dr. Mattes and Rev. W. Hertel, for the translation of the notes, Rev. Th. Tappert for the translation of the selections from Luther's first lectures on i,he Psalms, and Rev. J. Doberstein for thc translation of the other early lectures and expositions of Luther. As we are expressing our gratitude for this jubilee offering, we wish to add the hope that the work will find the many readers it deserves. W. ARNDT. The Translated Bible, 1534-1934. Commemorating the Four-hun- dredth Anniversary of the Translation of the Bible by Martin Luther. The United Lutheran Publication House, Philadelphia, Pa. 222 pages, 5 X n~. Price, $1.00. Order from Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, Mo. A volume of essays dealing with the various translations of the Bible and associate subjects. The chapter-heads give the best idea of the rich and varied contents of the boole: 1. The Life of Luther. 2. Luther and the Bible: Its Origin and Content. 3. The Original Bible-text. 4. Bible Criticism. 5. Translations and Revisions. 6. The Early Versions. 7. The Printing-press. 8. German Versions before 1534. 9. The September Tes- tament, 1522. 10. The German Bible, 1534. 11. Luther, Prince of Trans- lators. 12. German Versions since 1534. 13-19. The Bible in Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Finnish, Slavic Languages, English. 20. The Bible and Missions. 21. Bible Societies. 22. The Bible in a Thousand Tongues. Two pages of bibliography and an index of six pages. It is a remarkable compilation of interesting and useful information. Dr. Ralph H. Long says in the introduction; "Much of the information contained in these pages is of permanent reference value and will supply desired mate- rial to pastors in preparation of special addresses and sermons on the Bible and especially for the occasion of the celebration of the four-hun- dredth anniversary of Luther's Bible. There is a wealth of material available here, gathered from many sources, which makes The Translated Bible a ready compendium of reliable and interesting data on Bible trans- lations. As such it will have an abiding value to all Bible-lovers and students who are interested in the subject. It is doubtful whether a similar volume exists in the English language in which can be found the collection and classification of so many facts concerning Bible translations. As such it deserves a place in the library of all Protestant clergymen and interested laymen." Printed on good paper, in a neat binding, the price is surpris- ingly low. - Chapter 8 was written by Dr. Theodore Graebner, chapter 12 by Dr. P. E. Kretzmann. THEo. HOYER. Luther Translates the Bible. A Four-hundredth Anniversary Brochure. By O. M. N orlie. Published by Augsburg Publishing House, Min- neapolis. 44 pages, 4X6l4. Price, 15 cts. Order from Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, Mo. Here is a little pamphlet which may well be used for mass distribution. The text is condensed, but sufficient for the purpose of the anniversary, and the author used more than a dozen fine illustrations, including one of Book Review. - l.literatur. 895 Martin Luther in colors on the page facing the title-page. There is just 'one small change which might be suggested, on page 17; for the pre-Lu- theran versions of the German Bible were not independent translations, as might appcar from the text. There seems to have been only one trans- lation into High German, which was changed and revised by various pub- lishers or printers. It might have been advisable to say "had been pub- lished in some High-German dialed." etc. But this one small point is touched upon for the information of such pastors as may want to use the booklet in preparing addresses. It would not affect the use of the book by the average reader. - The same publishing house has also printed the text of Luther's Small Catechism, in the translation prepared by an intersynodical committee a few years ago. P. E. KRETZMANN . .Keys to Conquest. By Gaston Foote. Fleming H. Revell Company, New York. 95 pages, 7%,X5lA,. Price, $1.00. The author is pastor of the San Jacinto Methodist Church of Amarillo, Tex., and the eight addresses herewith presented contain some of his recent remarks at youth rallies. We wonder whether the young people of our country need this type of approach. When the author parallels the in- exorable laws of God emblazoned on the heavens with airplanes that sky- write "Lucky Strikes"; when he makes Jesus look down from the cross and repeat - in hazy application - the words of a Vanderbilt University football captain, "Boys, for My sake win the game"; when he misinterprets the Eighth Psalm of man's greatness and throughout presents no clear- 'cut and emphatic picture of the sin-atoning Christ, we can hardly agrce with the statement in the introduction written by a professor of homi- letics at Yale University: "These vigorous chapters well deserve a wide audience of young people." WALTER A. MAIER. Talks to Young People. Thoughts on Conduct and Character. By George A. ampullo, B. D. Fleming H. Revell Company, New York. 117 pages, 5 X 7%. Price, $1.25. The pastor of Irving Square Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, "N. Y., here offers fourteen addresses which he delivered before his young people on as many topics. The wording of the topics usually carries a special appeal, such as "Seeing It Through," "The Weight of Sand," "Index Ex- purgatorius," "Sixteen Looks at Sixty," "Choosing Your Life-work." The author offers many striking and valuable points which the discriminating leader of young people may use to good advantage. As in the case of most books of this type, the specific Christian viewpoint must be added. The price of the book is rather high, considering the size of the print and the make-up of the book. The author is lax on the question of dancing and refers to the "figurative" language of the Bib-Ie in speaking of the devil. Such statements must of course be corrected_ P. E. KRETZ MANN. Proceedings of the Third Convention of the Southern California District of the Ev. Luth. Synod of Missouri, Ohio, and Other States. 1933. Almost three pages of this report contain business matters and the rest, pp. 3-27, the essay read by Prof. Th. Laetsch, "The Active Obedience of 896 Book Review. - 13itetatut. Christ." Since "a, denial of the active obedience as an essential part in the work of atonement deprives us of a source of sweetest comfort" and, "losing sight of Christ's vicarious fulfilment of the Law, we are deprived of a very essential portion of the comfort and consolation, the encourage- ment and admonition to be found in Christ's redemptive work," every pastor needs to include this article in his preaching and cannot, in study- ing it, afford to pass over this exhaustive treatment of it. - The pamphlet may be had at 15 cents from Rev. C. W. Berner, 427 W. 83d St., Los Angeles, Cal. TH. ENGELDER. BOOKS RECEIVED. 2utijermm. ,\'dctausgegeben bon 5. 5 c{) ii f f e 1, ©. 9Jl e i f e t, sa .. 9Jl a ~ r a ~ r ens ,sm. G: (e r t, ~. sa It ~ au s, :;S, l8 e t g h ,0 It. (sneue \,\"oIge her "sneuen .reitd)Iicl)en 3eitfcl)tift", 45, :;Sa~rgang.) ileicl)ett, 13eifl3ig, 4. &';left, sajJtil. 13anbesbifcl)of n, il. 5. 5cl)ilffeI: "iliffnmienmg unn ~~te"; sm. Cnett: ,,~ofitifd)es unb fitd)ficl)es il'il~tettum"; ~,~iiberre: ,,~rnft l8etgmanns ~titif am (£~tiften~ tum" (1. :tei(); :;So l8ergno1t: 3citicl)tiften~ unb l8ilcl)etbetid)t. - 5. ©eft, 9Jllli. ~. sart~llus: ,,:totaler 5taat 7"; sm. 9Jletget: "ilie orbnenben ~afte d)tifHid)en @emeinbefebenil"; sa. ~ilbetfe: ,,~rnft l8ergmanns Stritif am (£~riftentum" (6cl)LUb); :;S. l8etgboft: 3eitfd)riften~ unn l8ilcl)etbetid)t. - 6. &;left, :;Suni. ©. lID. 6d)ometuil: ,,(!;~tiftentum unb moit§tum in bet 9Jliffion"; 5. 6d)ilffe1: ,,3ut 13age"; &;l. 5d)0~ merus: ,,\Ranbbemctfungen"; :;So l8ergDDU: 3citfd)tiften~ unb l8ilcl)ctbetid)t. - 7. &;left, :;Sufi. &';I. 13ietmann: "l8efenntniS unb Stitd)enbetfaffung"; R. 6d)tninhel: "ilas geiftlicl}e samt"; &';I. 6d)ometus: ,,\Rllnbbemetfungen"; :;So l8ergDort: ,8ett~ fd)ti.ften~ unb l8ilcl)etbetid)t. From Fleming Revell dO Oompany, New York, London, and Edinbur.gh:- Let Not Your Heart be Troubled. Communion Addresses. By James I. Vance, D.D. 128 pages, 5X7¥.!. Price, $1.25. Great Sermons for Growing Disciples. Compiled by A. Earl Kenw- han, D.D. 160 pages, 5X7¥.!. Price, $1.50. By the Still Waters. By Vance Tfa1:ner. 96 pages, GX7Jf2. Price, $1.00. Kingdom Come. By Hugh Redwood. 128 pages, 5X 7Jf2. Price, $1.00. From the Abingdon Press, New York, Oincinnati, Ohicago:- The Distinction of the Indistinguished. By M. S. Rice. 170 pages, 5 X 7¥.!. Price, $1.00. NOTICE TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS. In order to render satisfactory service, we must have our curreut mailing- list correct. The expense of maintaining this list has been rna terially increased. Under present regula tiona we are subject to a "fine" on all parcels mailed to an incorrect address, inasmuch as we must pay 2 cents for every notification sent by the postmaster on a parcel or periodical which is undeliverable because no forwarding address is available or because there has been a change of address. 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