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Q!nutnr~ttt ml1tnlngttttl .nut~ly Coutiuuiug LEHRE UND WEHRE MAGAZIN FUER Ev.-LuTH. HOMILETIK THEOLOGICAL QUARTERLY. THEOLOGICAL MONTHLY Vol. V May, 1934 No.5 CONTENTS Page Die rechte Mitte in del' Liturgie und Ordnung des Gottes- dienstes. L. Fuerbringer . . . • . . . . . . • • . • . • • . • • • • • • • . • .• 337 The Story of the German Bible. P. E. Kretzmann. • • • • . . • • •• 344 ZUl' Lehre von del' Reue. Th. E n(elder • • . • • • • . . . . • . • • • . .. 369 Sermons and Outlines. .. . . .. .. .. .. . . . . .. . . .. .. .. . .... 382 Miscellanea. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 388 Theological Observer. - Kirchlich-Zeitgeschichtliches .... 394 Book Review. - Literatur. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 409 Ein P rtdfgel' musa nicht alleln w..wu.., al80 W3 er die Schafe untenreise, wie sie rechte Christen aollen &ein, aondem auch daneben den Woelfen weAren, dass 'rie die Bchaf n1cht angreifen und mit fa1t,cber Lebre yerluebren nnd Irrtum eln· fuebren. - L ulhe·. Es at keln Ding, das die Leute mehr bei der Kirche bebaelt denn die gute Predigt. - Apologia, ..trl. ~ If the trumpet give an uncertain Bound, who sba U prepare himself to the battle f J Cor. If, 8. Published for the Ev. Luth. Synod of Missouri, Ohio, and Other States CONCORDIA PUBLISHING HOUSE, St. Louis, Ko. ARCHIV Book Review. - 13itcratut. 409 Book Review. - £iteratut. The Gospels according to the Eastern Version. Translated from the Aramaic by Geor,qe M. Lamsa. 228 pages, 4%, X B%" with gold titles and gold edges. A. J. Holman Co., Philadelphia. Price in limp cloth, $2.50. Also more expensive bindings. This is an interesting book, with perhaps even more academic value than the translation made from the Syriac Peshito Version by Dr. James Murock, who undertook that monumental task when he was past seventy years old. The assertion that the ancient Aramaic or Syriac is the lan- guage in which the gospels were originally written has frequently been advanced, but without even a remote show of actual proof. ~~side from all other considerations, no Aramaic original of Matthew, Luke, or John has ever been presented, not even in Schonfield's An Old Hebrew Text of St. Matthew's Gospel. Internal and external evidence, dispassionately con- sidered, eliminate the possibility of Aramaic ori,qinals. Nevertheless this book, like the literal translation furnished by Murdock, is interesting, partly because we may well concede that there was an early Aramaic trans- lation of St. }fatthew's gospel, partly because the accounts of the historical incidents, and especially the sayings of Jesus, as translated back into their probable original form, give many cues to the right understanding of the text, without, however, making the Aramaic (or ancient Syriac) authentic. For this particular purpose this book may serve better than translations made from other ancient versions. P E. KRETZMANN. Christianity. The Paradox of God. By Donald Mackenzie, D. D. F. H. Revell Co. 221 pages, 5X7%,. Price, $l.50. Order through Con- cordia Publishing House, St. Louis, Mo. This book by Dr. Mackenzie of Western Theological Seminary (Re- formed Church) of Pittsburgh bears a title which by its unattractiveness is apt to frighten away readers. Also the chapter heads - "The Emergence of Paradox," "Paradox as Apparent Self-Contradiction," etc. - are not par- ticularly intriguing. But whoever is willing to dig his way through the first fifty pages of introductory matter will gradually see the meaning of "paradox" in the author's sense and will receive new impressions of the transcendent nature of Christian revelation. The author touches upon most of the great doctrines of Christianity - the deity of Christ, the atonement, justification by faith. Luther is referred to often, and the writer has all the clearness of the Lutheran conception of what is Chris- tianity and what are its fundamental truths. A book like Mackenzie's cannot be illustrated by quotation; yet there are so many fine things here that the reviewer cannot forbear quoting at least a number of sen- tences that characterize the writer's style and define his doctrinal position: - "Christianity is paradoxical in the sense that it is contrary to current opinion, not simply cunent opinion at its worst, but at its best. 'Christ is Truth, not custom,' said Tertullian, and Luther was fond of quoting: '0 doxa, doxa, quam es communis noxa!' '0 opinion, opinion, what a com- 410 Book Review. - ~itetatut. mon nuisance art thou!' Of his own doctrine of justification by faith alone, which is just Christianity rediscovered, they said, 'Your fond paradox of justification by faith alone.' . .. As Freeman, the historian, says: 'It went right in the teeth of all that was good and bad in the Roman of the fourth century,' - not only all that was bad, but all that was good." "We are all familiar with those who take a narrow view of the Parable of the Prodigal Son and on this meager basis raise a whole theology. To take one strand of truth and raise it to the dignity of the whole truth is to make the truth itself false; for truth is often a matter of emphasis and shading and blending." "As far as I understand the gospels, our Lord did not expect the Christian ethic of unchristian men, nor did the New Testament epistles; and perhaps we err in expecting of the world that it shall rise to this level until it is evangelized. Our motto, following the New Testament, should be: 'First evangelize, then ethicize.' Most of the New Testament ethic, even the ethic of the Sermon on the Mount, is for saints - a fact which is too often forgotten." "Even the Christian ethic alone cannot save the world, glorious and heavenly as that ethic is. Its very perfection condemns us. You must flee, from the demands of Christ as our Example to His offer of grace, to Christ as the Gift of God." "Self.righteousness is more damaging to the soul than even sin itself; it is, in fact, the greatest evangelical sin." "It is told of Bossuet that in his dying hour, when he had well·nigh lost the power of speech, he spoke to one who came to his bedside and who praised him and reminded him of his good works and begged of him to exercise his influence in the next world on behalf of his friends, some· what on this fashion: 'Don't talk like that. Ask God to forgive a sinner his sins.' . .. Bossuet, much as he may have defended good works, in his life was yet more of a Lutheran than he himself knew." "Christ on the cross said 'Amen' to God's holiness, whose wrath blazes against sin. He did that, not as an irrational victim, but in the holy ardor of obedience. He became a willing Victim. Standing for us sinners, whom He carried in His heart, He endured for us, and God condemned our sin in His person there. The cross is therefore an everlasting interdict from heaven against sin. Men might trifle with sin before this. They know they cannot trifle with it now." But we must stop here. Mackenzie's book is brilliant and thought· provoking. We only regret that the author's love of paradox has led him to such doubtful statements as: "Christ changed for man the unchangeable God" (p. 57), that he holds it possible to "roll Huxley and Wordsworth into one and add the psalmist" (p. 18), and that he looks upon "election of grace" and "natural selection" as being "both sides of God's activity." TH. GRAEBNER. ~a~ 9legen~liurger 9ldigion~gef4lriidi lion 1601. @efd)id)tHd) batgefteUt unb bogmengefd)id)tnd) beleud)tet bon Lic. Dr. !ill i I ~ elm 8j e r b ft. i)ruct unb merlag bon ~. !Bettegmann in @iltetglo~. 297 Seiteu. i)as lRegengbutget lReligionggefvrnd) bon 1601, betanftartet bon !J.!~iliVV ~ublllig, !J.!fa13gtaf bon 91eubutg, ift faft in mergeffen~eit getaten. Unb bod) finb bie met~anb1ungeu, bie bott gevf(ogen Illutben, nid)t nut intereff ant unb Illid)tig, Book Review. - mteratur. 411 fonbern fte ~aben audj i~ren beftimmten ~!a~ in ber stlogmtngefdj;idjte. ~!! ~an~ beUe fidj l)aujJtfiidJUdj um ba!! SdjdftjJtin3ijJ. stla!! ~ribentinet .!ronan gatte ben Sa~ aufgefteUt, bafi bie .!rircf)e Sdjrift unb ~tabttion "pari pietatis affectu et reverentia suscipit et veneratur". stlas ift ber ~untt, um ben fidj b~r .!ramjJf 3roifdjen £ut~eranern unb .!rat~omen im nadjtribentinifdJen ,seitaaer bre~t. Wlit bem ignen eigenen SdjarfbWf gaben bie ~efuiten, bie ie~t bie ganae IlljJofogetH unb ~o{cmif ber lJUimifcf)en feiten, bies a15 ben .i;)aujJtjJunft erlannt. Unb bas ttitt bor aU em in lltegensoutl1 au ~age. I.JJlan gatte aUf futgetifdjet l5eitc amanaig ty'tagen Bur lnct~anbfung botgcfegt; bie ~efuiten fteUten bagegen nur c i n e ~~efe nuf: "Scriptura Sacra non est iudex controversiarum fidei et religionis christianae. Est quidem norma infallibilis, verum nee sola nee unica. Sed praeter hanc necessario admitti debent traditiones et ecclesiae definitiones doctorumque orthodoxorum consensus. - Unb roeiter ift man nid)t gefommen; bie biet3C~n I5cffionen fU~rten au feinem lltefuttat. stlas borliegenbe )Sudj bietet dnen genauen )Sedd).t bet lnerl)anblungen nadj bem taglidJen ~totofoU; cine )Sefdjreiliung bet einfd)!agigen stlofumente, beren bicIe roilrtTiclj abgebrucU roerben; eine lnotgcfdJidjte; nnb fdjliefiHd) cin .reajJitel tiber bie I5teUullg bes .!roUoquiums in ber bogmengefd)id)tlidjen ~ntroicf{nng. )sei~ gegeben finb ~.l1atten mit )sHbllilfen bet tcifne~menben \j.letfonen. ®et fid) tibetDeugen roiU, roie ~offnungs{os alIe lnminigungsbetfUd)e amifdjen ~toteftanten unb .!rat~o1ifen fein mtiffen, fo{ange bie ~avfmtd)e an bem Sa~ bes ~tibentinums feft~iift, unb roiebie! barum aUe ".i;)irtenoriefe" bes \j.lajJftes mit (dnen fuunbnd)en ~in{abungen an aUe \j.lroteftanten, in ben Sd)ofi ber tiimifcl)en Wluttetfitd)e 311ttiif3ufe~ren, 3U bebeuten l)alic, bet betf djaffe fidj biefe m:b~anblung. ~ l) e o . .i;) 0 ~ e t. Mooring Masts of Revelation. By Melvin GrO'Ve Kyle, D. D., LL. D., late Research Lecturer, Pittsburgh-Xenia Seminary, Lecturer on Archeology at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary, and former Presi- dent of Xenia Seminary. Introduction by J. L. Kelso, Th. D., D. D. Fleming H. Revell Co., New York. 217 pages, 5lh X8lh. Price, $2.00. The late Dr. M. G. Kyle, the author of this book, was favorably known in wide circles as an unusually capable Christian apologist, especially in the field of archeological apologetics. By training an Egyptologist, he devoted the last years of his life almost exclusively to Palestinian arche- ology, exploring at first at Sodom and Gomorrah and later on digging on four occasions at Kirjath-sepher. His love for the Bible as God's Word was great and deep, and to defend its truth against the charges of un- believing critics was with him a veritable passion. Besides the more technical works, which he addressed mainly to the Christian theologian and well-read layman, he wrote also a number of popular books for Chris- tian readers in general, and Mooring Masts of Revelation is one of these. Its title the author explains by referring to the large Zeppelins which are secured by means of strong masts. So there are mooring masts also to which God's revealed Word is fastened. To show how these "mooring masts" tower in the ages of the patriarchs, of Moses and the prophets, and of Christ's holy apostles, is the burden of this volume, which the author describes more accurately in a subtitle as a "Study of Towering Bible Characters by Walks and Talks at Sacred Places." Dr. Kyle guides his readers from one "holy place" to another, and always interestingly 412 Book Review. - S3itetlltut. and instructively. Beginning with Ur of the Chaldees, from which Abra- ham journeyed to the ''West Land," he unfolds step by step God's wondrous revelations to His chosen vessels of grace, until the time was fulfilled and the promised Redeemer appeared. But the holy places and the holy men are only the setting for the sermonic meditations which he weaves around the scenes and men. The "walks" and "talks" greatly stimulate the reader's interest in all things Biblical, especially in the divine truths which made the places and men holy. We do not agree with everything that Dr. Kyle says in this book, yet there is so much that is good in it,- so much simple faith in God's promises, so much true love for His Word, and so much of the Christian hope in the city to come, - that it will work blessings wherever it is read. Five very fine pictures are added: "Light Rays on the Euphrates," "A Ram Caught in a Thicket," "A Burn- ing Bush," "The Mountain of the Law," and "Mount Hermon." J. T. MUELLER. The Lutheran Church in American Hisrto,ry. By A.bdeZ United Lutheran Publication House, Philadelphia. 514 X 714. Price, $2.00. Ross Wentz. 465 pages, This is the second, revised and considerably enlarged edition by Dr .. Wentz;. professor in church history at the Lutheran Semina,ry, Gettys- burg,. P'a,. It is the most complete and up-to-da,te general history of our Church in America, on the ma,rket to-day, and we can well understand that the first edition found ready and wide a.cceptance. No doubt the second will likewise. The fact that the author interprets Lutheran history in our country "from the viewpoint tha,t the life of the Church is continually influenced by its, environment" makes it doubly interesting. His discussion of the work of our Synod is fair and impartial, but one is surprised that no mention is made of the work of Dr. F. Pieper. His concluding paragra,ph on our Synod summarizes the present situation a,s follows: - "From these facts and figures it is evident that the spirit of enterprise is rapidly invading this large and conservative body of Lutherans. The entire membership of the Missouri Synod is stoutly loyal to the principles of the body. The la\Yillen have begun to enlist in the active work of the Church. New methods of work are being constantly devised. Larger resources, are being placed at the service of the general Church. Modern methods or publicity and business administration are coming to be applied. And this new spirit of enterprise among the Missourians, together with their rapid growth in numbers and expansion in territory, their con- tagious enthusiasm for purity of doctrine, their constant emphasis on thorough educa,tional methods, and their rela,tively large supply of min- isterial candida,tes make this branch of the Lutheran Church in our country one of the mos,t vigorouS' elements in American Christianity." Dr. Wentz's chapter on the American Lutheran Church closes with this cha,ra.cteriza,tion: - "The American Lutheran Church takes pride in its correct Luther- anism. It decla,res against the 'separa,tism' of the Missouri Lutherans because they 'refuse to recognize certain other synods as Lutheran unless these others accept their method of presenting Biblical truth as the only method permissible in the Lutheran Church and . . . ca;rry this spirit so Book Review. - £iteratur. 413 far that they will not even pray with these others.' At the same time it decla.res against the 'unionism' of the Lutherans in the United Lutheran Church, because they 'faU to apply the Galesburg Rule: "Lutheran pulpits for Lutheran pastors. only and Lutheran alta.rs for Lutheran communicants only," and continue. to tolerate pastors who a.re affilia.ted with Masonic lodges and permit pastors and congrega.tions. to engage in unscriptural pra.ctises.' But the American I .. utheran Church coopera,tes. hea,rtily with a· number of otller Lutheran bodies, in the work of the National Lutheran Council, the American Lutheran Conference, and the Lutheran World Convention." Wha,t makes tIle book pa,rticularly valua.ble for the student who wishes to delve more deeply is the bibliography a.ppended a.t the end of each chapter. W. G. POLACK. 'l)rr Utfinn bc~ ~reinen ~Iltedji~md. mon ~ a t 1 j!\ 0 r n lj it u i e r. Gr. j!\er~ teismann in ®Uterslolj. 192 SeUen 6X8%. qlreiil: M.4.50, fattoniert; M. 6, gebunben. efs ift bies eine tuidlid) tuertl1011e unb antegenbe Sd)dft bes nelannten met~ faifets. eft tuill bit ~rag·e beanttuotten: [BeId)es ift bet Utjinn bes ~leinen ~ated)iSmus? [Bie l)at D. £utljer iljn l1erftanben? D. j!\orn!jiiuiet l)iiU bafUt, ba~ bet ~ated)iSmus nid)t am eigcntIid)cs j!\etenntniSnud) bet ~itd)e bon13utfJet betfa~t fei, aUd) nid)t 5uniid)ft alS j!\efenntnis feines petiBnlid)en ®Iuunens. Unb burin tuirb feber ifJm neiftimmcn. Illudj burin mu~ man bem merfaffer lJeiftim~ men, ba~ 13utfJet bei ber ·Illbfafjung ieines ~leinen ~uted)iSmull ben Sjausl1ater unb fein ®ejinbe im Sinn l)atte. :;Dod) glauoe id), bu~ ell iU tudt gegangen ift, tuenn neljuuptet tuitb, bafl 13ut!jer bei bet merfuffung feines ~uted)iSmus aus~ fd)lie~1icf} an ben Sjausbatet unb nicljt and) an bie Sd)ule gebadjt !jane, tuenn aucf} bet ~ated)iSmus e1n pUffenbes 5d)ullllldj fei. lillir ljoffen ipiitet e1nmal nacf}3utueifen, ba~ alletbings l.lutl)et bei bet merfaffung fdnes ~ated)iSmus crud) bie Scf}ule im Illuge ljatte. 50 fBnnen tuir aud) in mand)cn anbern 5ttiden ben j!\efJauptungen bes m,etfaffers nid)t 3uftimmen. Unb bod) ift in bem j!\Ud)lein fo bie! mortrefflid)es gef agt. ~ie qlf(id)ten ber (fUern i!jren ~inbern gegenUber tuer~ ben fo nad)brUdlid) unb einbrudsboll eingefd)iitft, fo mand)es mlort bes ~ated)iS~ mus erfdjeint bem l.lefer in einem gana neuen 13idjt, bu~ man bem merfnffet bDn Sjetben bantonr ift fUr feine f(ei~il1e Illrodt unb iein j!\udj bem ur±eHsfiifJigen l.lefer emtJfeljfen fnnn. 51::. l.l ii tid). Studies in Lutheran Higher Education. Trends and Issues Affecting Lutheran Higher Educa.tion. The report of a. co=ittee representing the higher educational institutions of the American Lutheran Con- ference. Vol. I, September,. 1933, Ko.1. Published in Minnea.polis, Minn., by the Augsburg Publishing House. 79 pages, 8XIO%. Price, 65 cts. Order through Concordia Publishing House. St. Louis, Mo. We a,re dea.ling here with a. valuable pUblication. 'Vhile the co=ittee which is res.ponsible for this volume was composed chiefly of teachers belonging to the American Lutheran Conference, the problems discussed are those which all Lutheran schools ha.ve to face. The introduction informs us on the origin of the brochure. ''The study originated in a joint publicity effort canied on by the higher schools of the American 414 Book Review. - 53iterntur. Lutheran Conference last spring through the Commission of Higher Edu- cation. During this joint effort it became appa,rent that the whole issue of higher education had become uncertain and needed study and restate- ment. The social and educational changes, the economic pressure, had begun to undermine the victorious certainty which made 1919-1930 the glory period of Lutheran higher education. The Commission on Higher Education asked Dr. O. H. Pannkoke to organize a committee of represent- atives of the colleges of the American Lutheran Conference. It was de- cided that the committee should do its work a,t an outstanding educational center, with the assistance of a leading educator. The University of Chicago was selected all offering the best facilities in the Middle West, and Dr. George A. Works was chosen as the adviser of the committee." The committee acknowledges its indebtedness to the authorities of the university, among them President R. M. Hutchins,. Dean C. F. Huth, and Dr. George A. Works, Dean of Students and University Examiner. The committee consisted of sixteen members, representing thirteen different schools. The chapter headings furnish an inkling of the wealth of ma- terial here offered: "A Changing Social Order"; "The Church in a Chang- ing Social Order"; "The Meaning of Higher Educa,tion for the Church"; "Trends in Higher Education"; "Objective" of Lutheran Higher Educa- tion"; "A Social Task of Lutheran Colleges"; "The Curriculum"; "The Teacher" ; "Selection of Students"; "Personal Voca,tional Educational Guidance"; "Tests and Measurements"; "The Future of Lutheran Higher Education"; "Bibliogra,phy." What the committee endeavored to study and fix were the conditions which have to obtain if Lutheran schools are to be up to date in the best sense of the word and at the same time preserve the precious heritage which we designa,te' by "the faith of the fathers." The publication represents an immense amount of work and is replete with important information. To all who are interested in higher education it is cordially recommended. We understand that a second printing has become necessary. For informa,tion regarding the brochure one may apply to the chairman of the committee, Dr. O. H. Pannkoke, 447 N. Lombard Ave., Oak Pa,rk, Ill. W. ARNDT. 91eue Sfrnft flit' jeben 5tng. mon D. lID i {TJ. 53 a i b { e. merIng bon iliitffHng & trtnnfc, 53eiNig. 1933. 399 6eiten 5 X 7lh, in 53einl1lnnl> mit !Riiden~ unl> ilecfeHitel gebunl>en. !ptei~: M. 4.50. ilies ift nun ber 3weite mnnb l>es !!Bettes, bnll wit im ~uguftTJeft 1933, 6. 639, 3ut ~n3eige gebtad)t {)oben. ~t umfnut hie fefUofe ~1ilfte l>ell .!Htd)eniaTJts, bom strinitatisfonntag an liiS 3um 60nnnbenb nad) l>em 27. 60nntng nod) sttinitotis. ~s finb, wie wir fttiTJet fcfron gefngt T)nben, {autet metrnd)tungen, wie fie fett ~aTJten 1115 ~ingongsarme( in bet II~Ugemeinen ~bange1ifd)~53utTJetifd)en ~itd)en' 3eitung" geftonben unb wo wit fie l1loTJl fnft oTJne ~usUllTJme geIefen Ijnben. ilet metfnffet I)ot due liefonbete @alie, ein 6d)riftwort aU lietrnd)ten, unb feine @e~ bnnfen in otigineUet !!Beile unb in ,ebler, gew1iTJlter 6~rnd)e nus3uftiT)ten. ~in unl> loieber wtirben wit tool)1 einen 6nll etl1lns nnl>ers formuIieten ol>er null, Ioffen, nber fonft fnnn mnn biefe metrnd)tungen nid)t oTJue biel meleTJtung, 91lnT)~ nung unl> ~tquicfung lefen. 53. tr ti r Ii tin g e r. Book Review. - 53itetatut. 415 Talks with Young Parents. By Nanoy Smith Krusekopf. Eden Publish- ing House, St. Louis and Chicago. 123 pages, 5 X 7¥a. Price, $1.25. This is a collection of thirty short articles, or chapters, dealing with problems of child-training. There is much excellent material in these pages concerning the rearing of children, practically all the customary difficulties being touched upon or discussed in detail, usually with helpful suggestions. References to "millennial blessedness" and similar terms are of course not to be taken literally. We cannot follow the author in reducing the authority ,of the Fourth Commandment, particularly in explaining to little children the reason for every command. The obedience of early childhood must be absolute, to be changed to relative obedience only when they have some background of the Word of God. It is just this point which in our opinion is not sufficiently stressed - the nurture and admonition of the Lord. But the discriminating pastor will be able to use this book to good advantage for talks before his ladies' aid, also before Sunday-school teachers' associations and parent-teachers' meetings. In that case even the frequent duplication of material will not disturb him. P. E. KRETZMANN. Songs and Prayers for Various Occasions. Selected by F. O. Streufert. Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, Mo. 94 pages, 2% X 5. Price, 12 cts., postpaid; dozen, $1.20, and postage; 100, $9.00, and postage. This booklet contains 47 hymns suitable for public or private worship or other gatherings, a few folk-songs, 20 prayers for various occasions, ,a number of comforting Scripture-passages and psalms, excerpts from the Catechism, and the Order of Communion Service. It is suitable to be 'carried in the vest-pocket of the business man or laborer or in the purse of young and old women, for vacation trips by auto, rail, or boat, for mass distribution in institutions, in mission-stations, in reforestation camps, in societies, etc. T. LAETscH. ,SJllnbliudj ber beutfdjen ebllngeHfdjen ~irdjeumufif. 1. !Banb, 2. %eiI, !Bogen 1-4: ~ e t ~ I tat g e fan g. lUanbenl)oecf & lRU}l}ltedjt, @ottingen. 64 6eiten 7%X10%. ~teis: M.4.80 bei 6ubffti}ltion aUf nut e in e n !Banb; M. 4.40 bei 6ubffti}ltion aUf aUe btei !Banbe. Wiebet eine neue l3iefetung biefes monumentalen Wetfes. 6ie bUbet bie Hfte l3ieferung bet Htutgifdjen %onfa~e, mel)tftimmig gefe~t. @an3 tidjtig be~ metfen bie .\detausgebet, bafl biefe mel)tftimmigen 6a~e nut in lUetbinbung mit ben einftimmigen Weifen gebtaudjt metben foUten. ~in @;l)Ot roUte Bum !Beif}lie! etft bann ben mel)tftimmigen 6a~ jingen, menn et fid) bie Weife in il)tet Ut~ f}ltilngIidjen @eftalt 3U eigen gemadjt l)at. ~a finben mit nun betfdjiebene .Ri)ties, @{otias unb .Rtebos. Wit btaudjen nut einige ~amen BU nennen, bann meifl jebet, bet fidj mit bet (utl)etifdjen .Ritdjenmujif befdjaftigt l)at, mas et BU etmat~ ten l)at: illlidjae{ ~tetotius, illle!cl)iot lUul}lius, ~ol)ann .Rugelmann, .\dans 53eo .\daflltt, .\deintidj 6d)il~. ~dj miicl)te mol)l einmal bie l1emaltigen illlelobien, bie uns bon ~ugenb aUf befannt finb: "Wit grauuen aU' an einen @ott", ,,~Uein @ott in bet .\dBl)' fei ~l)t'" unb bas beutfdj,e @Iotia II~U' ~l)t' unb 530b foU @ottes fein" nadj biefen %onfa~en l)oten! .Rilt3lid) etful)ten mit, ball biefd gtolle Wed fidj in bet !BibIiotl)ef einet befannten meltridjen Unibetjitat im mittleten Weften finbet. 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Under present regulations we are subject to a "fine" on all parcels mailed to an incorrect address, inasmuch as we must pay 2 cents for every notification sent by the postmaster on a parcel or periodical which is undeliverable because no forwarding address is available or because there has been a change of address. This may seem insignificant, but in view of the fact that we have subscribers getting three or more of our periodicals and considering our large aggregate subscription list, it may readily be seen that it amounts to quite a sum during a year; for the postmaster will address a notificatio'n to each individual period- ical. Our subscribers can help us by notifying us - one notification (postal card, costing ouly 1 cent) will take care of the addresses for several publicatious. We shall be very grateful for your cooperation. CONCORDIA PUBLISHING HOUSE, St. Louis, Mo. 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