Full Text for CTM Theological Observer 4-12 (Text)

loflWl, Art. ~ If the trumpet live an UDcertain IOUDd. who .h:lll prepare hlDUleif to the battle t 1 OM. ~.8. Published for the Ev. Luth. Synod of lttissouri, OhiO, and Other States CONCORDIA. PUBLlSHIN'G HOUSE, St. Louis, Mo. 940 Theological Observer. - .!rird)nd)'.8eitgefd)id)t1id)e~. Theological Observer. - stirdjHdj~geitgefdjidjtIidje~. 1. .2lmtriktt. ~Ui:I bet 6\Jnobe. ~n ben fettbergangenen IDlonaten fja6en ficfj Die meif±en ~iftrift§bliitter namrgemiiB mit ben jSerfammlungen ifjrer eigenen ~iftrifte befaBt. C1:rfreuIicfj ift, baB in ben meiften ~ifh:iften Die Wtbei± be§ &;;lC1:rtn mit aUet {Jteubigfei± unb o~ne C1:infcfjtiinfung gefUfjrl roirb. ®cfjon 3eigen ficfj aucfj ~ie unb bll einige mdjtftra~ren, bie baf3 ':Dunfef bet aUgemeinen 0.lefcfjiifi§~emmung burcfjbrecfjen. IDlancfje 0.lemeinben ~aben befcfjloffen, i~re ~ienet am )fiori roieDer fo 3u ftellen roie bor ber ~epreffion. C1:rml1tigenb ift, baB bide unferer IDliffionare bie 0.lelegenfjeit ma~rgenom~ men fjaben, neue IDliffion§pIQte 3U grtinben. meim .53efen bet metidjte liber bie ®t)l1obalberfammlungen fonnten roit nicfjt um~in, e§ roieber fdjmetaIicfj au empfinben, ba\3 bie ®i)noballiericfjte nicfjt me~r. roie frii~er, in gIeicfjem {Jormat unb gIeicfjet Wu§ftat±ung gebtucft unD berfanbt roetben. ~ie meiften Dteferate, bie aUf ben ~iftrift§berfanunlungen borgeIegt roer~ ben, finD e§ Ivert, bieI rocHer berbreitet au merben, aI§ e§ jett ber {Jall ift. )fiie cB jeJJi fte~t, brucrcn nur nodj roenige ~if±rifte bie ganileH 8~eferate, unb Die ®Ieidiformigfeit be§ {Jormai§ unb ber Wu§fta±±ung iF nidji me~r bor~anben. C~ne 3meifeI roirb jett bier ®egen berfdjlittet; benn bie ffie~ ferate bergangener ~a~re ~aben bier bCtilU beigetragen, bie C1:inigfeit be§ 0.leifte§ in unferer IDlUte au beroa~ren. - jSon gto\3em )fieri ift e§, ba\3 in mancfjen ~iftriften bie ffiubrif ,,0.lemeinbegefcfjicfjten" roeitergefilfjrl roitb, befonber§ tnenn mUbet beigegeben merben. ®o fillbell roir im Colorado Lutheran bie 0.lefcfjidjte unierer Wrbeit im ®aw:;suan~;itaI, unb baBfellie mlat± ~at audj fdjon liber bic \1frbeit im ®an~.53ui§~;ital beridjtet. - C1:r~ freuHdj ift, baB aUf ben berf djiebenen jSerf ammhmgen bie ®adje ber 0.le~ meinbeidjule fo eifrig be±rielien rourbe. ~ie metidj±e tiber Die ®djule in Si'earnel). mebr., in &;;loufton unb in mapoleon, :0., ent~aIten C1:6empeI, bie bide reiaen fiinnen. - Wudj bie Wrbeit an ben jungen .53euten roirb· jett rodt ofier etroii~nt ag in frti~eren ~a~ren, unb mandje ~iftrift§bliitter ~aben befonbere \1lliteilungen, bie fie biefer roidjtigen (Sadje tuibmen. - Wu§ unfern ftibametitanifdjen ~iftriften finb bie madjridjten immer be~ fonber§ in±ereffant. ftber bie Wnftart in ~orio ~negre beddjtete baB "St1rdjen~ blatt" bom 1. Wuguft au§fU~rIidj, fomo~I tiber bcren .53age mie liber bie Wrbeit, hie bort geIeiftet roirb. llnfcre Wnftalt in Gl:re§po ~at Iette§ ~a~r em(~e Wtbeiten offentridj au§geftefit, unb bie ~tei§tidjter ~a6en biefe aI§ fe~r empfe~Ien§tuert anetfannt unb bemgemii\3 ein ~iprom aU§gefterrt. - ~ie ®djule fUr ~nbianerfinber in ffieb ®pring§, )fii§., foute roiebet eroffnet roerbcn, aber bie§ ift ber fc~Ienben 0.lefbmitteI megen leiber nodj nidjt mogIidj. ~. (Ii. ~. The Code of the Lutheran Laymen's League. -In an article entitled "A Code for the Churches to Restore Moral Values" the Lite1"ary Digest in its issue of September 2, 1933, calls attention to a code for the churches proposed by Dr. L. O. Hartman, editor of Zion's Herald, an in- fluential Methodist weekly in New England. Dr. Hartman made ten pro" posals which would serve to put new life into the churches of America. New emphasis should be placed on prophetic preaching; more stress should Theological Observer. - mtd)lid)'8eitgefd)icI)t1id)ei!. 941 be laid on the church-school or Sunday-school; ministers should spend five hours every morning in quiet prayer and study and two hours every afternoon in pastoral work, except on Sundays, Mondays, or Saturdays; more rigid standards are advocated for entrance into the ministry; lay leaders should be sifted to separate the grain from the chaff, etc. After commenting favorably on Dr. Hartman's code, the Literary Digest con- tinues, p. 23: - "Another code has been outlined by the Laymen's League of the Lu- theran Missouri Synod. The principal departure in this is that it would keep the churches off the State domain, which in this case is clearly lim- ited, though to most churches it has rather vague and uncertain boundaries. "The gist of the Missouri Synod's code is the renunciation of all inter- ference with political and legislative matters, the abandonment of all ef- fort to influence governmental policies in regard to social matters, the dis- claimer of 'all anti-American and antisocial principles that have usurped prominence in certain pulpits, the subversive doctrines of pacificism, inter- nationalism, and sovietism,' and a 'return to the charter purpose of the Church to preach the Gospel, ... to preach the message of salvation through Christ.' "This is true to Lutheran tradition, which holds that, if a man be right in his heaTt, height in his deed. But this is a "orld of conflicting theologies and. moraJs, and the Lutheran code would be too limited for those churches which have ever been indocile in acknowledging the exclusive rule of Caesar in questions affecting human welfare. "A. R. W. N." The presentation of Lutheran "tradition" in the last paragraph is not quite complete. Lutherans hold first of all that only then is a man's heart right if it has been regcnerated by faith in the atoning sacrifice of Christ. The Lutheran Church would hardly go so far as to grant to Caesar the exclusive rule in questions affecting human welfare as A. R. W. M. puts it. Undoubtedly the reviewer means to say: "the exclusive rule of Caesar to legislate in questions pertaining to the material and temporal welfare of its citizens, leaving the Church to attend to the spiritual and eternal issues." At least that is the position taken by the Lutheran Church. Are we mistaken in our impression that A. R. W. M. does not favor the Lutheran code as outlined by our laymen? And does not the author practically concede that "those churches which have ever been indocile in acknowledging the exclusive rule of Caesar in questions affecting human welfare" either have not grasped, or are not favorably inclined toward, even if not outspokenly opposed to, such basic American principles as separation of Church and State, freedom of speech, of press, of religion? T.L. A Communication Sent to the Lutheran Church of Germany.- From the Lt~theran of October 12 we copy the English version of a letter sent to the Lutheran Church of Germany by the General German Con- ference of the lJnited Lutheran Church in America. We do not deem it necessary here to discuss the propriety for a conference of the U. L. C. to cultivate fraternal relations with the unionistic Lutheran state church of Germany. Our interest centers on the document sent, and no com- 942 Theological Observer. - .Ritd)adH3eit\1efd)id)tIid)e~. ments are required to show that it is of sufficient importance to be given a place on our pages. "The German General Conference of the United Lutheran Church in .America, assembled in St. Paul's Church, Manhattan, New York City, ex- tends fraternal greetings to its brethren in the faith in Germany. "With deep-felt interest, expectancy, and joy we have been following the remarkable resurgence of a new spirit among large parts of the German people. We have rejoiced to learn of their conscious and resolute return to the faith and pious customs of the fathers, of the more friendly attitude of the new government toward the Christian religion, and of its determined struggle against filth and rottenness, against open immorality and against the systematic undermining of all reverence for what is holy, noble, and pure. "We have also taken notice of the various impure side-currents which are jeopardizing the otherwise wholesome and God-pleasing progress of the movements of resurgence, al1d we understand the anxieties which trouble all the faithful members and leaders of the Church in this time of reconstruction. We arc in complete sympathy with those who in the humble consciousness of their own weakness and insufficiency, with it sin- cere confession of their faults and shortcomings and, above all, vvitll stead- fast trnst in God's pardoning grace, His protection, aml His succor, are setting their hands to the task of guiding the national movement into the right channels and of making it fl'Uitful for the kingdom of Jesus Christ. ''We implore for them wisdom, courage, and stTength from above that they may continue to champion truth and candor, right and justice, so that under God's blessing there may emerge as a fruit of their labors, struggles, and sufferings: - "A tndy free Ohlurchin a truly tree S-tate JO ".A Church in which the Book of God's revelation is not mutilated and abridged; ".A Church in which the Gospel is not obscured, universal salvation is not restricted, and the fearless testimony of witnesses of the faith is not bound or limited; ".A Church which in its own peculiar sphere acknowledges only one authority, the authority of her divine King, Jesus Christ, who speaks to her and through her in His IV ord. "We hope and pray that all who love our Lutheran Church may pub- licly and unequivocally profess her name and doctrine, so that ambiguity and confusion may come to an end and the various church-bodies may quietly fulfil their respective missions in accordance with their under- standing and conscience, until at last sincere search and earnest study, by the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, may eventuate in a full and unanimous acceptance and confession of the unadulterated truth of God. "May .Almighty God restrain all who enviously, hatefully, or inimi- cally wish evil to the German nation, who slander and revile it, and who try to hinder and check it in its inner and outer recovery! May He help truth and justice to prevail everywhere, both in State and Church!" E. Theological Observer. - .RitdJlidJ'{leitgefdJidJtlidJeIl. 943 ~at~J)nfdje unb jal:lanifdje UdeUe iilier ben "Laymen's Report". ~~ oeriidjtigte UrteH, bas moberniitiidje Eaien aus ben 6eftenfreifen unier~ Eanbes bor furaem ilber bie lmiffion unb beren ~iiljrung in ber 3ufunft abgegeben ljaben, ljat ljieraufanbe iioerall in djriitIidjen Sl'reifen bie ljellfte (fn±riiftung ljerl1orgerufen, unb atuar gana mit stedjt; benn bie borgefdjla" genen l13unfte anneljmen ljiete nidjts anbere~ alS mit ber djriftridjen lmiHion griinbIidj aufriiumen. :Das ,,@b. lmif1ion~magaain" oringt nun atuei UrteiIe lioer ben Laymen's Report, bie lEeadjtung berbienen. :Das fatljofifdje UrteH, bas mfon~ l8iitlj, S.J., Un Wuguftljeft ber "SfatljoIifdjen lmiffionen" un±er ber u&erfdjrift ,,(fine Shim ber amerifanifdjen pro±eftantifdjen lmiHion" publi" aiert lja±, Iau±e±, bediirat, tuie folgt: ,,:Dieie Eaien ljaoen ein ;Sufunft5" djriften±um bor Wugen oljne Irljrifti Sfreua unb Wuferf±eljung, oljne ben &Jei" ligen @eift unb beffen @nabe, oljne Sfirdje unb 6aframente. jSielmeljr, es ift fein Irljriiientum, fonbern ein @Iaube an ein berfdjtuommenes giitt" Iidjes llliefen unb eine ,steligion' ber allgemeinen lmenfdjIidjfeit. . .. @:io tuirb iljre lmiHion nodj meljr als oisljer erniebrigt au einer foaialen, er" aieljerifdjen unb pljiIantljropifdjen steformbetuegung unter miigIidjfier lEe" gilnftigung bes 5tobfeinbes edjter steligion, be~ 6~nfreti~mu~. ~lir un~ Sfa±ljoIifen lieg± b~ Unglauolidjfie barin, bat Eaien fidj oerufen filljlen, liber iljre Sfirdjen au @eridj± au f4len, unb bat bie imiHionsIeitungen bas gana fefoftberftiinbIic!j finben. @i&± es dnen burdjfdjlagenberen ?BrtlJeTi;; bafilr, bat bieie ametifanifc!je milfion tuefentIidj cine Eaien&etuegung our l8eroreitung ber amerifanifdjen .\'furtur ifH" ~as japanifc!je UrleiI ftammt aus ber ~eber cines nidj±c!jriftric!jen ;;Sapaners, ber in einem BeiiarliIer ber japanifc!jen 3eiiung "Vomifura" iioer ben Laymen's RepMt baB jJofgenbe fagt: ,,:Die amerifanifc!jen Irljri" ften ... ljafJen bas llliefen bes Grljriftentums auter adjt geIaflen. 6ie ljaben ben @:iinn betforen filr bie itbernatirrlidje, geoffenoarie steligion unb ljaben baS Grljriftentum ou einer lJleligion crniebrigt, bie nur refatib bollfommener ift ar~ anbere. . .. llliir, bie orientaIif djen stefigionen, roilrben Heber mann" ljaft um bie ®ntfc!jeibung ringen, tuaB lllialjrljeit ift; tuir tuiirben lieoer ben Ie~±en I3djlut ber lllialjrljeit fefiftellen im Sl'ampf ber imeinungen. Wun f)at biefe @ruppe amerifanifdjer imiHionare cinen llliaffenftillftanb in Die" fem Sfampf um bie lllialjrljeii ausgerufen unb berfuc!jt, cine W'liffion~" aroeit aUf @runb eines fogenannien neuen lmotibs mit tuemic!jen lmetljo" ben au unterneljmen. llliir fiinnen fie nidjt nur nidjt tuillfommen ljei13en, fnnbern fpredjen wer iljre fdjlaue 5tarnung unfer lEebauern au~." lEeibe Ur±eUe finb tuefentHc!j ridjtig unb djatafterifieren ben ganaen mobernifti" fdjen @:idjtuinbeI iioerljaupi. ;;So 5t. lm. 2e~reinigfeit amnannt. ~as oaptiftifc!je IEfatt Watchman-Examine1° fdjreibt: "There seems to be at least one denomination in our couutry that is not divided on questions of faith. All other demonminations of which we have any knowledge have a liberal wing and a conservative wing. The differences are more pronounced in some denominations than in others. The United Presbyterian denomination seems as near a soli- darity in opposing Liberalism and all its implications as can be found. :Because it found the theology and trend of Rethinking Miss'ions so dis- tinctly rationalistic, it rejected it as a whole, refusing to concede its values along practical lines. The United Presbyterian ministers in Buffalo and 944 Theological Observer. - mrd;lid;~8eitgefd)td;t!id)e~. vicinity have issued a statement affirming their unwavering faith in the virgin birth of Christ, the deity of Christ, and the atonement wrought by His blood shed on Calvary. The statement also says: 'Furthermore there is no division among the ministers of the United Prebyterian Church on these doctrines.' The Presbytery of Caledonia, of which Buffalo is a part, recently decUned to ordain a candidate for the ministry because he re- fused to subscribe to these doctrines. In such a day as ours it is good to hear of one undivided denomination." Cf§ freut unB, hat ber WlLtohmlLn- Examine1' llJenigftenB bon e i n e r Sfirdjengemeinfdjaft unferB .l3anbe§ llJeit, "that is not divided on questions of faith". ~DJer ber Wa,tchman-ExlLminer ift ein fdjledj±er watchman unb ein ungeniigenber examiner, bat er fo gar nidjt§ bon ber befenntni§treuen Iu±qerifdjen ~irdje unfer§ .l3anbcB llJe1t, bie bodj nodj einiger in ber .l3eqre ift aIB bie SEereinigien ~re§lJ1J±erianer. fmir miillen noeq befier .l3utljerjubHiium feiernJ SDa§ Q:llait oemedt sum @5djlut: "Beyond all question the divided condition of our leading de- nominations goes far toward explaining the deficits in our missionary treasuries." SDaB mag l11aqr fein 1 :;sft e§ uni3 aber nidjt sur @5djanbe gefagt, baB tuir bei aITer .l3eqreinigfdt bodj Teere jJJCijfioni3fafien qaben? llRan mag bariilJer nadjbenfen. :;So ~. 1lR. been sent to London skeletons of eight prehistoric giants imbedded in huge blocks of stone, the, sOo-caBed 'Mount Carmel men,' dug out of a, ca,Yc> by Theodore' McCown." It was quite: a number of years ago that Dr. M. G, Kyle predicted that Palestine would yet furnish the evidences in greater measure, than any ot.her country that would slllash t.D pieces the ridiculous vi€;,\,s of destructi-"v"e higher cri tiCiSlll. The llas Shanlra, finds are helping to fulfil his prophecy. J. T. M. II. .2lU,5111Ull. '!lie rut~crifd)c" refotmieric ~ uuierie '!leutfd)e !Reid)~fitd)e. ,,~ie erf±e ~ell±fdje eo aug er if dj e IJ( a ±i 0 u a If ~ n.o b e fanb in ~ittenoerg am 27. @)ep±emoer fiatt. :;5u ben fru'fJen ID'lotgenftllnben fOtmierte fidj ein Bug, oef±e'fJenb all~ bet @)\lI., @)@)" bem @)ta'fJIljelm, bet ~i±Iet~:;511genb, ben )8et~ oanben unb :;5nnungen ~ittenoetg~ mit i'fJten g:a'fJnen unb enbIidj audj bem erf±en ,~eu±fdjen 5t'fJeoIogenf±urm' all~ \lIugllf~ourg. ~er Bug oegao fidj in bie @)djIof\Iirdje ou elnem @otte~bienf±. \lIm lJ(adjmittag murbe bie ®~nobe in ber ~ittenlierger @)tabtfirdje eriiffuet. . .. ~er )8orfiter, Sj3ro~ feff or g:coer, feme mit, bai3 oon ben baou lierufenen )8er±re±ern ber 53anbe~~ firdjen ber Qanbe~liifdjof Qubmig llJWlIcr al0 meldj,goifdjof bet bell±fdjen ebangeIifdjen SHrdje borgefdjIagen morben fei. ~ie @5l)llObalen 'befunbe±en bmdj bie gemeinf ame Iaute @rfliirung ,:;'Sa' iljre 8uftimmung ou bief er me~ rufting, CSkgen bie merufung be~ 53anbe9liifdjof~ Qubluig ilRilUer manDte fidj letne iStimme. . .. @5obann uliernaljm meidj~lJifdjof QubtDig ID'lilUer ben )8orfij~ ber @5l)nobe unb lJerief in ba~ geiftlidje ~mnifterium ben 53anbe~~ oifdjof @5djiiffe1, ,pamourg, filr bie Qut'fJeraner; ben @5eminarbireftor ~eoer, ~)Ciinfter in ~eftfalen, fUr bie meformierten; mifdjof ~onenfeIber, medin, fUr bie Unierten unb aW juriftifdje~ lmitgIicb medjt~aniDart Dr. ~erner, medin, bie bon iljm aUf bie stirdjenoerfaffllng oeteibigt murben. . .. ~ie @emeinbe fang ba~ QutljerIieb ,(sin' fef±e murg ift unfer @oti.' U (\lIUg. @o.~ 5311±~. SOfa., 6. Oft. '33.) @. Theological Observer. - .Rit~li~~8eitllef~i~tlt~efl. 947 ~rennuug ber Iutijerifd)en nub ber refortttierteu Rirdi'e gefllrbert. ~n !Berbinbung mit ber neueren @efdjidjte modjte eg bon ~ntereffe fein, baf:l hie ,,\j3'aftoralliIiitter", qerau£lgegeben bon D. @'iridj @Stange, im ~uIi~~uguft~~ef/: 1933, @S. 577 ff., getuiffe .2eitf~e ber ~ungIutqerifdjen ~rbeitggemeinfdjafl: Bum ~bbrud bringen, in benen hie i)'orberung auggefprodjen roirb, baB Me "Iutqerifdje ~irdje beutfdjer j)1ation" bon ber "reformierlen ~irdje beutfdjer j)1ation" gettennt tuerbe. SDief e .2eitf ~e tuurben "f eineraeit in bie ~Cinbe ber filr ben j)1eubau ber beutfdjen ~irdje beranttuortIidjen .\manner geIegt unb gIeidjaeitig in ben Ianbfdjafl:Iidjen @ruppen ber ~ungIutqerifdjen ~r~ beitggemeinfdjaf/: in tueitgeqenber i)'iiqIungnaqme mit anbem an ber ~rdjen~ frage arbeitenben fueifen burdjgearbeitet. ~uf hiefem ~ege qaben fie, toie Me mit ben SDingen naqer !Bemauten toiffen, ftarfen @'iinfluB auf bie @'int~ tuidIung ber SDinge in ben Ietten .\monaten au£lgeiib±, unb eg ift nidjt BuIett biefer ~rbeit BU berbanfen, tuenn mandje @efaqr filr bag ~efen unferer ~rdje, bie anfangg uniibertuinbbar fdjien, fdjIieBIidj auggefdjaItet tuurbe". ~enn audj mandjeg in biefen .2eitf~en giinaIidj berfeqrl ift, baB B. 18. bas !BerqCiltnig bon ~irdje unb @Staat, bag qier befilrtuorle± tuitb, eben nodj immer ein burdjaus falfdjeg unb berfeqrteg ift, baB man bM @'ipiffopaI~ Mtem befiirtuorlet, baB Me @emeinben iqreg ~aqI~ unb @Selliftbeftimmungg~ redjteg beraubt tuerben uftu., fo ift bodj erfteuIidj, tuenn man fieqt, toie qier in @'irfenntntg ber @Sdjrifttuibrigfeit ber Union beren ~ufIiifung geforberl tuirb. .2eiber finb ber ~unfdj unb bie i)'orberung nidjt in @'irfilUung ge~ gangen. SDM .\monftnun ber Union ift bieImeqr in ber SDeutfdjen @'iban~ gelifdjen ~rdje in nodj abfdjredenberer unb fdjrift~ unb befenntnigtuibrigerer @eftaIt entftanben. Unter "A. @runbfCitlidjeg" fteqt foIgenbe bollig ridjtige l8emerfung: ,,~n ~rlifeI 7 ber ~ug~burgifdjen ~onfeffion tuirb aIg bag ~efen ber ~rdje bie !Berfammlung ber @Iaunigen genannt, in ber ba~ @'ibangeIium Iauter unb rein geprebigt tuirb unb bie @Saftamente gemiiB bem @'ibangelium ber~ tuaItet tuerben. SDamit ift ber Ieitenbe @efidjtgpunft filr jebe !Berfaffung ber ~rdje qerauggefterrt (bg!. ~unft 5), ilug1eidj aber audj filr bie @eftaI~ tung ber ~rdje im einaelnen i)'rdqeit gelaffen." Unter "B. SDie l8efenntnig~ grunbIage" {efen tuir: "j)1ur bann ift bag firdjlidje l8efenntntg tuaqtqaf/: ,unantaftbar' gebIieben, roenn man bieg l8efenntntg nidjt nur in dner ,~ii~ ambel' fidjerfterrt, fonbem bom l8efenntnig aug bie gefamie ~rbeit an ber !Berfaffung beftimmt fein lCiBt. ~ug biefem @runbe forbem tuir um ber ~aqrqeit unb um ber marqeit toiUen cine ,Iutqerifdje llirdje beutfdjer j)1ation' unb neb en iqr eine ,reformierle ~irdje beutfdjer j)1ation'. ~enn toir audj nidjt berfennen tuoUen, baf:l bie Union qie unb ba einen eban~ gelifdjen .2ebengtiJPu~ fdjuf, fo ift eg bodj ein ~tttum, au meinen, baB im .2eben unb ~ufbau ber @emeinbe befenntnigmiiBige j)1euttaIitiit getuaqrl tuerben fann. SDie @efdjiclj±e ber aItpreuBifdjen Union qat geaeigt, baB biefe bermeintIidje j)1euttaIitiit au dner berqangnigboUen j)1ibellierung ber firdjIidjen @efdjidj±e gefilqrl qat. SDarum ift jett, tuo bie gefetgeberifdje .\mogIidjfeit fonberIiclj naqegeriicft unb erIeidjterl ift, bie Union aufauIiifen unb bie gefamte ~itdje au einer fIaren l8efenntntgbiIbung iluriidilufilqren. i)'iir einen I8rudjteiI ber @emeinben mag bag cine fdjtuierige ~ufgabe fein, toeiI filr fie nidjt au erfennen ift, aUf roeIdjer l8efenntntggrunblage fie auf~ gebaut finb. lim ber ~aqrqeit tuiUen aber mUB geforberl tuerben, baB nunmeqr in hiefen @emeinben ber ~ft ber l8efenntnigerfIiirung nadjgeqoIt 948 Theological Observer. - ~itd)lid)~8ett!lefd)id)tlid)e~. 11Iirb. ~s gentigi babei nicljt, ben ll3erfuclj dner unioniftifcljen lEefenntnis~ biIbung au lnagen. ll3ielmeljr mUfl mit lJeiIigem ll3erant11loriungsbel]Jufltfein bie l1m~ unb 1Jleugeftartung ber SHrclje bom refonnatorifcljen lEefenntnis au~ in Wngriff genommen 11Ierben." ;it. E. (Megen llie reinHd)c !Sdjeillnng \.lon .Il'h:dje nnll !Staat j1JclJren ficlj noclj immer angefeljene bcutfclje SNrcljenftilJrer. 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@oite5 !So~n unb aUer ID'lenfdjen Sj05rr fei. ... ,,~er erfte ~tiifcI ber Q3erfafiung ber ~eu±fdjen 05l1angelifdjen mrdje bom 11. ~uli 1933 Iau±e±: ,~ie unan±af±oare @runblage ber ~eu±fdjen 05bangeIifdjen SHrdje if± ba@; 05l1angelium bon ~05fu5 @:~rif±u@;, hlie e@; un@; in ber SjeiIigen @Sdjriji: beaeug± unb in ben mefenn±niffen ber lReformation neu an@; Qidj± gdrden ii±. .\)ierburdj hlerben bie Q3oUmadjten, beren bie SPirdje filr i~re !Senbung bebarf, beftimm± unb begrenai.' m!enn mit biefen !Saten ±~eoIogifdj Q;rnf± gemadj± hlerben foU, fo ii± eine poIiHfdje ober tirdjenpofitifdje 1'\'effeIung firdjIidjer Q3erfiinDigung eoenio hlie eine mefdjriinmng ber 1Hccljte nidjiarifdjer @:~rif±en in ber SHrdje bamit un~ bereinbar. U ~ i e ;;t ~ e 0 Io g if dj e g: a fu It ii i b e rUn i b e r f it ii ± ID'l arb u r g. ~er ~efan: D. bon !Soben. (~Ug. 05b.~)3utlj. Sla., 29. !Sept. '33.) ~a@; ®u±adj±en ber ±~eoIogifdjen g:afuItii± ber llniberfitiit @:tIangen, beraofaf3± bon D. \15. ~r±~au5 unb D. m!. @:Ieti, Iauid ben Sjaup±punften nadj: " ... 1. lJ1adj bem .Beugni~ be~ 97:euen 5teftament@l ift in ~@:fu~ @:ljri~ jtn@;, un[erm ~;)@:rrn, in feinem !S±eroen unb ~uferf±e~en, ber m!iUe @oite~ aur Q;rfilfIung gcr011l1l1CD, baf3 a I len 9Renfdjen ge~oIfen il1crbe. )8on Dcr uniberfalen ®eItung bicies 05l1UllnenUm~ ift fein WCenidj, gefdjhJeine fin ganae~ )8off, aU@;3ufd)Iiej3CD .... lUber bie aUen (£ljriitcn gcmdnfllmc ®l.1ttc~~ finbfdjaft lje6t bie bio{ogHd)clt nub gefdffdjaftfidjett UnterfdJiebe nidJt anf, fonbern 'binbd jeben an ben @Sianb, in bem er berufen if±, 1 Slor. 7, 20. ~ie bioIogifdje minDung an cin bef±imm±e~ Q3off, ber hlir fdjidfaI~af± nidj± en±~ rinnen fonnen, 1ft tWIn [I)tif±c.n ntH @efinnung unh 5ra± Ctltc.g an3uerfen~ nen. . .. 5. ;2;a@; beuifdje Q30lf cmpfinbe± ljeu±e bie ~ubcn in feinerWCitte me~r benn je aIB f r c 11l be@; Q3oIf@;±um. @:~ ~a± bie mebro~ung f eine~ 05igenleben@; lmrdj ba@; emanaipierte ~uDentllm edann± unb hlefjr± lidj gegen biefe ®efa~r mit redjtIidjen ~u@;na~111ebef±immllngen. . .. ~ie SPirdje mUf3 ba@; grunbfatIidje lRedj± be~ !siaa±e~ au foIdjen gefetgeberifdjen ID'la13~ na~men anerfennen. . .. 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