Full Text for CTM Book Review 4-4 (Text)

<1tnurnrbitt ijJqrnlnguttl :alnut~l!l Continuing LEHRE UNO W EHRE MAGAZIN F UER E v.-LuTH. HOMILETIK THEOLOGICAL Q UARTERLy-THEOLOGICAL MONTHLY Vol. IV April, 1933 No.4 CONTENTS Pare FUERBRINGER, L.: Die persoenliche Weisheit Gottes .... 241 GRAEBNER, THEODORE: Separation of Church and State 249 MUELLER, J. T.: Luther oder Calvin . .. .. . . ... . . .. ... 255 MAIER, W. A.: Archeology - the Nemesis...... 264 KRE TZ MANN, P. E.: The So-called '-Christian Interpola- tions" in Josephus .... .. .................... . . . . . ..... 274 Tanz und Kirchen disziplin ..... .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 281 KRETZMANN, P. E.: Die Hauptschriften Luthers in chro- n ologischer Reihenfolge . .... . . ... .... ....... .. ..... . 284 Dispositionen ueber die a ltkirchliche Epistelreihe.. . . . . . . .. 286 Miscellanea . . . . .. . .. 297 Theological Observer. - Kir chlich-Zeitgeschichtliches .. . ... 302 Book R eview. - Literatur . . ...... . ........ . ......... .. . . . 313 Ein Predlger mlll8 Dicht alleln 1DftJjriefe; 5. stlJeologie unb ®efcljicf)te beil Urcf)tiftentums; 6. ~l1ottia". Seitfdjrift flit fl)ftematifdJe ~fJeologie. .\dcraullgegelien bon ~ a rr 6 tan g e unb anbern. j8ette!smauu, @iitetslol). 10. ~ul)tgang, 2. mietteljal)rslJeft, 165 6eUen. ~attenbufclj: "S)ie bier tfotmeu bes ffiec!)tfertigungsgebanfeus" (6cljlub)· mon S)olifcf)iit: "lillit uub iclj bei ~aulus." Oflfe: ,,~nteruationa1ismu§, mUffe unb 'illeltmiifion im £tcf)le ~(tiu." 6tange: "S)ie gerabqu liicljetlicf)e stotlJeit bet viiflftHdjen stlJeologie." ~ingef annte £itetalur. NOTICE TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS. In order to render satisfactory service, we must have our current mailing- list correct. The expense of maintaining this list has been materially increased. Under present regulations we are subject to a "fine" on all parcels mailed to an incorrect address, inasmuch as we must pay 2 cents for every notification sent by the postmaster on a parcel or periodical which is undeliverable because no forwarding address is available or because there has been a change of address. This may seem insiguificant, but in view of the fact that we have subscribers getting three or more of our periodicals and conSidering our large aggregate subscription list, it may readily be seen that it amounts to quite a sum during a year; for the postmaster will address a notification-to each individual period, ical. Our subscribers can help us by notifying us - one notification (postal card, costing only 1 cent) will take care of the addresses for several publications. We shall be very grateful for your cooperation. CONCORDIA PUBLISHING Housm, St. Louis, Mo. Kindly consult the address label on this paper to ascertain whether your subscription has expired or will soon expire. ".April 33" on the label means that your subscription has expired. Please pay your agent or the Publisher promptly in order to avoid interruption of service. It takes about two weeks before the address label can show change of address or acknowledgment of remittance. When paying your subscription, please mention name of publication desired and exact name and address (both old and new, if change of address is requested). CONCORDIA PUBLISHING HOUSE, St. Louis, Mo.