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ion Inquiry MAIER, W. A .: Archeology - the N emesis . . KBETZMANN, P. E.: Znr Ge chichte der 1 teinischen Bibel KRETZMANN, P . E. ' W here and What Is Heaven? KRETZMANN, P. E.: Propositions on the Sabbath-Sunday Question LAETSCH, THEO.: Malicious Desertion KBETZMANN P E. : Die Hallpttchr:ften Luthers in chro- nologischer Reihenfolge Dispositionen u eber die altkirchliche Epistelreihe Miscellan eu Theological Observer. - Xirchlich-Zettgeschichtliches . Book Review. - Ltteratur Page 16 1 171 176 18 4 189 195 197 205 206 212 218 233 Ein r'recliger mw 01 t alleln 10 ,vIM!, .lise) da er die Schafe unterwel;tO, wl~ de reebte Chrl ten !IOlIen seln, ondem .ucb daneben den Woellen ICeMen. du .Ie die Schafe nlcht angreifen und mit faIRCher Lehre ,'erfuebren uud Imum ein· fuebrrn. - LH hr,. r ,t keln Ding, d' die J.eutl' mehr bel der Klrcbe behaelt deon die flUte l'redigt. - dpolo, ie, Art. ~ If the trumpet g1VI' an un~'ertahl loOund, who sbalI prepare bllll8elf to the battle? 1 Cor 4 , 8. Published for t he Ev. Luth. Synod of Missouri, Ohio, and Other 4tates CONCORDIA PUBLISHDlG HOUSE, St. Lo Mo. [ l I Book Review. - \.)iterntur. 233 Book Review. - £itcratur. The Outlined Bible. An Introduction to, and an Outline and Analysis of, Every Book in the Bible. Each page designed to show at a glance the structure and contents of each Bible book. Given by Robert Lee at the Mildmay Conference Hall Bible-school, London. Fleming H. Revell Company, New York, London, and Edinburgh. Price, $1.25. However much the Bible may be despised, there are still thousands who are intensely interested in its contents and study. A multitude of these are very willing also to have some one assist them in becoming better and better acquainted with the Bible. This explains in a measure the ready market which those books find that promise to show you the . structure and content of each Bible book "at a glance." There are any amount of these books on the market. In my library I have about ten of them. No doubt some have been benefited by one or the other of these analyzed Bibles; if not otherwise, the book at least moved them to get down to real Bible-study. But I am convinced that it was not so much the Outlined Bible, or the Analysis of the Bible, or the Guide to the Study of the English Bible, or the SyZZrxbus of the Old rxna New Testament, or the Key to the Books of the Bible, etc., which bestowed upon them more intimate knowledge of God's Book, but. it was their own personal study. The Outlined Bible, if it helped them any, helped them to get down to real study work. Anyone, moreover, who is at all acquainted with the different books of the Bible knows very well that one cannot show the whole content of even such a small book as the Book of Ruth or the Book of Esther at a glance, much less the Book of Proverbs, the Book of Psalms, or the Book of Revelation of St. John the Divine. Now, in the book before us, the author himself admits in his preface that his outlines are not exhaustive. He also admits that the book is rather large and unwieldy in appearance. He thought he had to make it large and unwieldy in order that he might give the content of each book on one single page. Instead of making the book large and unwieldy, he should have omitted much, very much, which does not belong there. If he had done this, he would have omitted his own conjectures concerning the author, etc., of each book and thus found more space for a perspicuous syllabus of it. In an analysis or outlined Bible we do not want anyone's theory as to the authors of the different books. In this case more than one half of the page is taken up with such subjects as the time in which the book was written, by whom it was written, for whom it was written, peculiarities of its style, and its message. And all this information is frag- mentary and insufficient. Then the book is tainted with false teaching. Concerning the fall of man in the Book of Genesis the author writes: "It was necessary for man to know by failure his own weakness and insufficiency before he could voluntarily choose God." It is difficult to see how he managed to get so much error into so few words. The Book of Deuteronomy is divided into nine sections; eight of them are called discourses. These eight discourses are headed, respe.ctively: "Retrospect, Review, Warning, Covenant, Coun- 234 Book Review. - 2itetatut. sels, Instruction, Song, Blessing." And the ninth division is headed "The Death of Moses." Such an outline no one will remember. One of the best outlines which I have found is the one on the Book of Joshua, which is divided into four sections, named, respectively: 1) Entrance; 2) Conquest; 3) Division; 4) Farewell. That is good because anyone could himself easily make this division. The Epistle of St. Paul to the Romans is divided into two chief divisions: doctrinal and practical. The doctrinal portion is divided into nine divisions. If you are thoroughly acquainted with the Epistle of St. Paul to the Romans, you need no analysis of this kind. If you are not acquainted with it, the analysis is a veritable puzzle. The theologian should be able to make his own analysis of a book, and the one he himself makes will be be the most helpful to him. He may consult what others have done; but, after all, he should make his own. The lay- man who is interested enough to wish to have a careful, clear, and exact skeleton, or syllabus, of a certain book must have a living teacher, who takes him through the book and then gives him an outline of that book. To summarize, the book is too large and unwieldy; the author him- self admits that. The ordinary book-shelf is not prepared to hold such a book. In the second place, the pages are cluttered with much irrelevant matter. In addition, the book is marred by errors. M. S. SOMMER. ;t~eorogifdiet (lnnbfommentnr ~um ineuen ;teftnment. SD a ~ ~ ban g e! i u m b e s .!ill a r f u s (S~nO.\ltifet I). mon D. ~ tie b tid) 8;) a u d. ~. SDei" d)ettfd)e met!agsbud)~anb!ung (D. lIDernet SegoU), 2ei.)laig. XIV unb 202 Setten 7XIO. !pteis: M.7.50; gebunben M. 10. SDies ift bet aweite !aanb bes neuen 8;)anbfommentats aum !I1euen steftament. SDet etfte !Banb, bet bie Offenbatung St. :;Yo~annis bon !Ptof. D. lID. 8;)abotn btaegte, wutbe feinet ,8eU angeaeigt in 112e~te unb lIDe~tell unb im Theological Monthly. ~ueg fUr biefell .Rommentarwetf, bas faft g!eid)aeitig mit bem gtoten unb mit !Jteegt angefe~enen ,8a~nfegen .Rommentat erfegeint, ~aben jid) eine ~naa~l befanntet neuteftamentlieget st~eologen bet ®egenwatt, bie aUe bet .)lojitiben lRieg" tung ange~iiten, aUfammengetan: !PtOf. D. !paul ~tt~aus in ~dangen, !pto.\lft D. 8;). ~.\l.\le! in .Riebe, !PtOf. D. O. !Bauetnfeinb in ®teifswalb, !Ptof. D. {Y. !BUegfel in lRoftod, !Ptof. D . .R. IDeitnet in ®teifswa!b, !prof. D. ® . .Ritte! in stUbingen, !Ptof. D. lID. !illiegaeUs in !Bern, !Ptof. D. ~. o.\lfe in 2et.\laig unb Lic. 8;). lID. Segmibt, IDoaent an bet ~eologifegen Segule in !Bet~et. IDet bodiegenbe !Banb ift bon D.8;)aud in ~dangen beatbeitet, bem !I1ad)folget D. st~. ,8a~nll aUf bem bottigen neuteftamentriegen 2e~tftu~t. SDie ~nlage bes .RommentatS ~at bid fUt fieg. !illut man iiftetS an folegen lIDetfen ausfeten, bat fie nid)t Uberjiegtnd) finb, fo fann man bei biefem .Rommentat ball niegt fagen. ~r beaeiegnet naeg biefet 8;)injid)t offenbat einen ~ottfegtitt. !Bei flam IDiS.)lojition unb ,8etlegung in gtiitm unb Ueinete ~bfegnttte witb immet bet ®t'Unbte~t Unts unb baneben eine genaue itbetfetung teegts in dnet IDo.\l.\le!f.\latte batgeboten. So witb bet !Benutet immet teegt am ste~t feftge~arten, was bon gtotem !I1uten ift. IDann fo!gen in Ueinem IDtud te~tttitifege !Bemedungen, ~ietauf eine aufammenfaffenbe IDatfteUung bell ~bfegnitts unb im ~nfeglut batan bie ~dllttung fdbft bon mets au metS. lIDoimmet es niitig fegeint, witb bann noeg in befonbmm IDtud ein ~~futs batgeboten, in bem botliegenben !Banbe im \lansen i~tet fUnhe~n, a.!B. Ubet IDltmonifege unb i~re 8;)eitung, ben !illenfegenfo~n, bas lette !illa~l unb ben stobestag :;Y~fu, bie 2eibenllgefegiegte :;Y~fu unb ben lIDeillfagungllbeweis. IDie Book Review. - l3itctatut. 235 \Uus{egungsmet1)oile, bie 1)iet liefofgt Illitil, ift nief)t bie g{offatotifef)e, fonilern bie teptobultibc, bie manef)es fUt fief), abet aud) gemief)tige lJ:Iebenlen gegcn fief) 1)at. ilet 6tH ift j'fUffig, bic 6ptael)e ift Uar,. bie 6ate finb meiftens fura, unb ber .!tommentat beacief)net in biefer ~infief) einen j}ortfef)rltt gegeniioer bem fonft lie~ beutenberen, aoet ofters eilvas fef)mer gcfef)tielienen ,3a1)nfel)en .!tommentar. ilie (gtWitunIJ, oomo1)! ben fptacl)1id)en unb 1)iftorifdJen j}tagen boUe\Uufmerffamfcit gefel)enfi mitb, berliert fiel) boef) nief)t in t:iin3cl1)eUen, ionbern ift fteg aUf bas @anae Ileriel)tet unb legt oefonbets (SJcmiel)t aUf bie ~etausfteUung bet ,3ufammen~ ljange. Um 3ugfeiel) cinen ~inlJHC! in bie fgnoptifel)en met1)aftniffe BU ctmogliel)en, bie ia in bet neueten ~!;cgefe fo bier oc1)aniJelt merben, ift bet grieel)ifel)e :'te!;t mit 3lueiet!ei :'tgpen gebruc!t unb gint butef) angemanbte ,3eief)en bie lJRiilllief),feit bet f!:moptifef)en :'te/:b unb 6tilbergfeic1)ung. ilie beutfef)e i'toerfetung fd)ieOt oft in Heinen, eingellammetten ,3nfii~en eine gang fnappe, 1)anb Iicl)e ~tlautent1tg mit ein, mas mit am belten an ~ap. 12, 13 afs lJ:leifpief aeigen tiinnen: //Unb (bie 1)ietarcl)ifcl)en (SJegnet) fenbcn au i1)m einige bon ben (tometfeinbftd)en) !j:I1)arifiiern unb ben (rometfreunbIid)en) ~erobianern, ball fie i1)n butef) ein (unlicbae!)tcs) mort fingen.// j}reiIie!) entfle!)t auef) butef) f ofd)e ,3ufiite bic (SJefa1)t bet 6inn~ berfe!)iebung bes (SJrunbte!;tes. ~Ct ~ommcntar, ber aUf 188 6eHen bte ganae \Uusfegung abmacl),f, ift im ganaen //pofitib" unb in biefer ~inficl)t reef)t liraucl)oar. (gt berliert fid) nie!)t in aUetfei ~I)potf)efen, mcift hie mobeme .i;)l)perftitit, mie fie in neucftcr .Bcit Defonbers 'Bultmann in feiner //(SJcfe!)tcl)te bet fl)noptifd)C1t :'ttU' bition" betttitt, tn i1)te (SJtC1tBen unb Meibt fae!)lie!). Illliet fteHid) mUffen mit fagen, bab and) btefer Sl'ommentar buref)aus nid)t luitHtcl) potittb, nte!)t feft biflel~ gfiiuoig ift, fonbem lifters oebenlIie!)e .Bugeftiinbniffe mae!)t nnb bisllJeilen fogu! tationa1ifietenb fohb. ~n biefer Sjinfie!)t gelien mit ben .(lal)nfcl)en ~Dmmentarcn Illeit ben moraug. ilie 53cibensgefcl)icl)te mitb "in bie mei1)e ber IJJlattl)rienberief)te" 1)ineingefteUt (6. 163). ~s ift grunDbetfe1)rt, menn @;f)tifti !j:Iaffion afs ein lJRar~ tl)tetfeiben oe3eid)net mitb, mie has fciber bot cinigen lJRonatcn aud), mof)f un~ beaofidjttgt, aliet nte!)tsbeftomeniget itrig, in ciuct uns augegaugenen ilruc!fcl)tift aus unfern ~tcifen gefef)e1)en ift. .(lu .!tap. 10, 45: //ilenn aue!) beslJRenfe!)en 601)n ift nie!)t fommen, bail er i1)m Menm laffe, fonbern ball er Mene unb gelie fein Beben out lJ:Ieaa1)lung fUr bide" mirb bemetft: //~as miitfe! bes :'tobes ~~fu ift bamit aufgeHift. 6etn :'tob ift afiJ ftnnboU ermiefen" (6. 128). //6innboU"- ift bas uUes, unb fagen bie mOtte nie!)t me1)t? lJ:lei bet (SJefe!)icl)te bon bet Illuf~ etmec!ung bet :'toef)tet bes ~utrus mhb angebeuiet, ob eiJ fie!) bteUcief)t um cine "fef)mere Ol)nmad)t", einen ,,~ramN3uftanb, mie et getabe in ben ~ntmiC!fungs, ja1)ren borfommt", 1)anble (6. 71). ilas ift ntef)ts anberes afS bet aHe, bufgiire mutionalismus. &benfo finben fie!) oftetS teligionsgefe!)te!)tlief)e mutionaHfierungen, luie 3um 'Beifptel im ~!;furs Uber 6 v{or; 1:0;; {hajj au ben motten ,,~u bift mein Heber 60\1n" bemedt mitb, ball fie!) im lJRadusellungelium "bie f)eUeniftifel)e 60\1, nesauffaffung Uber bie utfptUngIiel)e iStaeHtife!)e gelegt 3U 1)alicu" fe!)eine (6. 16). mit fagen, bUll (SJott bet mater bei Mefen mOtten fief) gana gemtll nie!)t nae!) ben .i;)eUeniften gericl)tet l)ube. IUucl) bie lcibHe!)e lJ:Iefeffcn1)eit mitb gefeugnet, menn au ~ap. I, 23 bemctft mirb, bab ber ~iimonife!)e in bet //.Bmangsborftellunl1, bab er in bet (SJema1t eineil (SJeiftmefens fte!)t", geleOt 1)abe (6. 23). ~auc! min nicl)t bie munber leugnen, ein .!tern bet maf)t1)eit fte1)t i1)m immer baf)inter unb oft me1)t ufS etn J(ern; abet Illtt {onnen i1)n nid)! anbers bcrfte1)en, alS bab fcl)1iefllief) boe!) bie munber gelcugnet merben, menn er 3um metfpie1 bei bet 6tinung bd 6turms tin mirHie!)es (gdebniS bet ~iinget annimmt, aoet augleie!) oemedt, bail aber //butdj hen fubieftiben (SJfauben bctfelben lute Dure!) Den (SJang ber i'tlierlieferunl1 cine 236 Book Review. - 13itetatut. mergtiif)etung etfalJren lJaben lIlitb. ~ebenfaffs 1)aben aud) altteftamentUd)e SUge aUf bie Illusma!ung bet ®efd)id)te eingelllirft" (16. 61). (is ift fe1)t au bebauetn, baf) biefer offommentat, bet in futBen l6iiten fo inlJaltrcid) unb beffen I6prad)e fo fnapp unb jd)on unb butd)fid)tig ift, bod) fo bier 3ugeftanbniffe an bie liberate unb religionsgejd)id)t!id)e ::t1)eo!ogie mad)t. mon Ciinae!lJeiten metfen lIlit nod) an, ball ,f;)aud aud) bie if agogif d)en ~tagen BlIlat tUt3, abet bod) immer boffftiinbig be1)anbelt. (ir fagt 3um meif.pie! Ubet ben metfaffer: ,,~ie a!tfitdJ!id)e fibet' lieferung beaeugt einftimmig, ball Illiatfus, bet meg!eitet bes ~ettus, bas sllldte (ibangelium betfaf.lt lJat. Illiit biefem Illiarfus ift fein anbetet alS ber im 'Reuen steftament me!)rfad) auftretenbe ;so!)annes Illiatfus gemeint. . .. 1 ~etr. 5, 13 (,SJRarfus, mcin 160lJn') f.prid)t bon einem befonberen Illb!)iingigfeitsber!)iiltniS bes Illiarfus bon ~etrus" (16. 2). Unb nun folgen bie 11.lid)tigften authd)lie!)cn 3eug, niffe fUr Diefe 6adJe. ;sn be3ug aUf bie bie!betlJanbelte ~tage bes Illiarfusfdj!ufjes, ~ap. 16, 9-20, neigt ,f;)aud fid) au ber Illnfid)t, baf.l bas "Ubmafd)enbe Illbbred)en bet (itJii1)lung" mit ben snlotten "benn fie fUrd)teten fid)", m. 8 (Scp0!30VV1:0 rae), "fd)on frU1)aeitig 3U (irgiin3ungen gefU1)tt 1)at. ~ie lllie1)raa1)l bet ~otfd)er urteilt, baf) ~ap. 16, 8 nidjt ben beabfid)tigten 16d)lull bebeutet. &5 ift bann an3unelJmen, ball Illiarfus entrocber an ber lUoffenDung bes mud)es bct!)inbert rourbe (netonijd)e merfolgung? ::tob 1) ober ball ber IvirfHdje 6d)!ut friifwitig ber!orenging. SDaf.l ber merfajjer, be3ielJungsllleife bie riimifd)e ®emeinbe, nie!)! alsbalb ben (5dJaben roieber gutmad)tc, f.pridJt melJr flir Die erfte snlalJrfef)einfirf)teit. ;smmet~) ~H lit aud) miiglidJ, bab bem merfafjer 16, 1-8 als IllbfdJ!ub genUgte. Cit fii!)!t fein mud) bann biS aUf bie lllufetjte1)ungsbotfd)aft !)inaus. ~as fiinjUeri\dJe ;sntereffe cinet Illbrunbung am I6d)lut mag ber einfad)e ~.arfteffer nidJt in berfelben lilleife em.p, funben 1)aben lIlie bcr fd)riftfteffetifd) gebilbete 13utas (24, 53;~[l>oft. 28, 31)" (16.4). ;sn ber Illuslegung lIlitb bann Juerft unter ber ii:oerid)tift ,,~er unedJte 5d)luil" bie liingerci)'orm, ~al>. 16, 9-20, erHiirt, bann ber fiiqere (5,dJ!ut, ben bie mei: ften neuteftamentlid)en ::te~tausgaoen nadJ ,f;)anbfcf)riften, bie in unb um Iilg~pten ba!)eim finb, barbieten: "Illffe~ ~[ufgett:ngene aber betflinbigten fie tUt3 ben me' gleitern bes ~etrus. ~anad) fanbte ;s&fuS feloft bom Illufgang biS Bum Unter' gang bute!) fie bie l)eHige unb unberganglidJe merf!inbigung bes ellligen ,f;)eHes aus"; unb fd)lieUlidJ bas fogenannte ~reet!ogion nad) ber lIlidJt1gen ,f;)anbfd)rift W Csnlafl)ington), bie bet ~etroiter Illiiiaen ~teer bor etllla fiinfunb3roan3ig ~(1)ren in Iilgl)pten errootben unb banu in snlaf1)ington niebergelegt 1)at unb bas folgeu, ben snlottlaut I)at: ,,6ie aber berteibigten fidJ, inbem fie iagten: ~iefes snleltalter bet Ungmd)tigreit unb bes Uug!auoens ift unter 6untun[s ®eroaH], lIle!dJer nidJt 3u1iiilt, bat pon ben unreinen ®eiftern bie waqre ~raft ®ottes erfaiJt whb. ~atum offenbate beine ®cred)tigteit fd)on [ie~t], fagten iene 3U Gl:l)riftus. Unb Gl:l)t:iftus erllliberte il)nen: &rfiifft ift bie ®ren3e ber ~al)t:e ber Illiad)t l6atans. ~odJ n(1)t anbms ®eroaftige. Unb fiir bie, lIleld)e fiinbigten, lIlarb idj 1)ingegeben in ben ::tob, bamit fie 3ut snlalJr1)cit 3uriidfe1)ren unb nid)t melJr fiinbigen, bamit fie bie geiftgeartete unb unbergiinglid)e .\;letrlid)feit bet ®credJtigfeit, bie im ,f;)im' mel ift, eroeu." (,,~ber ge1)et I)in" uflll., offal>. 16, 15 ft.) ;sn be3ug aUf bie flJnop, tifdJe ~rage nimmt ,f;)aud an, bat "lJJlat:fus ben beiben anbern (llliattlJiius unb 5:lttfas) aIS fcf)riftlid)e Cueffe 3ugrunbe liegt" (6. 5). UnD aIS dns ber ,,~rgeb, nine" fetner Unterfud)ung fagt cr 3um I6dJlut: ,,~as mer1)iiItniS unfets &ban' ge1iums 3U lllia±t1)iius unb 13ufas fii1)t:! au bem 6d)luu, baf.l nad) bet ~b3l1leigung biefer bdben 6d)t:iften aus bem Illiartusebungelium biefes in ben ,f;)iinben ber ®e, meinbe nod) gelllad)fen ift. ~iefe meatbeitung, bie nid)t aUf eine eime{ne ~erfon 3Utiid3uge!)en oruudJt, lJat bas Cibangelium nod) um cine ffieilJe ausmalenber &in' Book Review. - 53iteratut. 237 ae13uge ertlldtert. ~ie sart, wie munblid) in reid)eter iUleife et3Ci~rt tllutbe, fdJeint bamit nad)triigTid) 1m fd)riftrid)cn G;bangelium nod) ba unb bort l.T!!at gefnnben an ~aben. ~ft bas ~ballge1ium aud) ubertlliegenbein ,\))1ofaif aus 511iammen~ gefugten ~in3e1et3ii!)luugen, f 0 ift bod) an3une~men, ban bas @3d)ema bes saufbaus (®afilCia -iUlanberungen - ~erufalem) ber gefd)id)tlid)en 'illirHid)fdt im grofien unb gan5en entff'ited)en tllirb, @3te!)t l.T!ettus ~inter bem ~ud), fo tllitb bas ®e~ famtbHb bes iUlitfens ~~fu, bas ber saf'iofteI lebenbig in fid) trug unb bei feinem lReben tef'itobuaierte, aud) llaturgemCifi fid) in biefem ~ud) austllitfen. .8u bieiem UrteH fu!)rt befonbers bie ~cobad)tung, ban bet Ciunete geograf'i!)ifd)e iYortgang bet ~t3ii~!ung mit einem inneren iYodfd)titt bet ®efd)id)te ~~fu betbunben unb berfd)lungen ift. ~as \))1o[aif bct ~in3e1et3Ci~lnngen gibt 3ugleid) ein lebenbiges "Drama bes llliitfens ~~fu. ~as ift fd)tllerlid) ber .Runft bes ~arfteUers 3n3u~ fd)rdben, fonberu ift iUliberff'iiegelung dner getllaltigen llliitfHd)feit" (@3. 199). 53. iY i1 r b r i n g e r. A Summary of the Gospels. By Loraine Boettne1', Professor of Bible, Pikeville Oollege, Pikeville, Kentucky. 130 pages, bound in paper. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing 00., Grand Rapids, Mich: Price, 75 cts. This Summary is not a "harmony" of the gospels, but a skilful weaving together in chronological order and in one continuous account of all the material which is found in the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; it includes everything that is given by these writers, without re- peating anything. So far as it was possible, the dates of events and the places of their occurrence have been given. The work is divided into 137 chapters, which are provided with brief, but clear headings. In cases where two or more writers have narrated the same event, that account is printed complete which goes into the greatest detail; the additional details recorded by the other writers are inserted in parentheses at the proper places. The Summary is thus a purely Scriptural account, related in the translation of the American Standard Version. The book is intended especially for Bible classes in which the four gospels are studied together. A Table of Oontents gives a list of the various events, miracles, parables, etc. By means of a Scripture Index any particular passage can be easily located. Full Scripture references are given by means of footnotes. We believe that this is an interesting and useful method of studying the contents of the blessed gospels. J. T. MUELLER. gUt Q$cmeinbclJrebigt bct Q$cgenroatt. Illnregnngen bon 53nt~cr ~er. mon © e r m. iUl e r b e r m (t n n. merlag bon (t. ~ettelSm(tnn in ®uterg{o~. 1930. 43 @3eiten uY:, X9Y:" I.T!teis: M.1.50. "Dies ift eill @3onbetbrucf aus beil merfaffeiS ~nd) l/53ntl)ets iUlitlenoetger ®e~ meinbe, tlliebcrl)ergeitellt crus (dncn I.T!rebigten; 3ug1dd) ein ~eittag 3U 53ntl)ers ©omiletitl/, bas im 3tllciten :Ja!)rgang bell OONCORDIA THEOLOGICAL MONTHLY, @3. 157, eingei)enb oeff'irod)cn tDorben ift. ~n biefem ©efte finbet fid) io bie1 ~n~ tereffantes nnb 53el)rreid)es unb io mand)cr tllertboUe iUlint fur unfere qltebigt gcrabe in ben gcgentviirtigcn fd)lVCren .8eitliinften, ban ell au tuunid)cn tlliirc, baB feber l.T!aftor in un(erer @3~nobe es anfmetlfam 1eien tllUrbe. 5JJ1it ffied)t fagt bcr merfaffer: l/@3id) an £ntl)er otientieren beheutet ja nid)t ard)aifimn, ionbetn bet ®egentllllrt red)t bienen. . .. ,53ut~etifierung' barf feinesfaUil bebeuten, bafl eine nn3eitgemiinc .Rof'iie nnb ftbetiragnng bon 53ut~ers ~igenart nnb I.T!tebigtart ge~ 238 Book Review. - £iterlltur. fucl)t unb geuoten mUtbe. . .. ij'ertige £iifungen nnb ij'onne1n fUr bie @egenmlltt fonnm ~iet nicl)t gefunbm merben. snuer ein ,£ernen an £ut~et', anef) an bem @emeinbeprebiger £ut~er, ift buref)llu~ niitig unb moglid). £ut~er gint un~ snn; regungen fUr ben reef)ten llIrebigtmeg in bet @egenmart." (5.3.5,) @. ~. ij' ri e brief). At the Cross. Three Groups of Lenten Sermons and Addresses by James lV. Schillinger, Roy D. Linhart, and HaTold L. Yochum. The Lu- theran Book Concern, Columbus, O. 163 pages, 5X7%. Price, 90 cts. Order from Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, Mo. Here we have three groups of Lenten addresses, - for this they are, rather than formal sermons, - but addresses that have a truly Lutheran ring. The first author presents ten addresses, the second six, and the third seven. Most of the addresses here offered reach and maintain a high level of good preaching, even if the homiletical structure is not always as apparent as one is accustomed to. It is particularly refreshing and en- couraging to find the substitutionary atonement so strongly stressed throughout, as even the group topics indicate: "Love Streams Down from Calvary's Cross"; "Songs of the Cross"; "Behold Your King!" This book will surely stimulate thought, for it contains excellent suggestions and passages of real power. Selections from the book might even be used for the family altar during Lent. - On page 45 the phraseology is somewhat confusing, when the author says that man as a person retains the liberty to choose sin, death, and hell; this under the subhead "Man Must Choose." The quotations are from the R. V. The proof-reading was done somewhat hurriedly, for we noted "lothsome" (p. 3), "cros" (p. 11), "twelve" instead of eleven (p.13), "darknes" (p. 23), "pled" (pp. 43. 52. 56), colloq. for "pleaded," "a" omitted before mother (p. 60), "chief tan" (pp. 65. 67).- We hope that many sermons containing the truth of salvation, as these addresses do, will be preached during the coming Lenten season. P. E. KRETZMANN. A Guide Book in Catechetical Instruction. By O. Fred Nolde. The Board of Publication of the United Lutheran Church in America, Philadelphia, Pa. 178 pages, 5%X8. Price, $1.25. With study helps in the Catechism. Price, 40 cts. The author of this handbook is professor in the department of Religious Education in the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. His idea was to present some modern pedagogical principles and methods in connection with the work of catechumen classes. This included in par- ticular the use of definite lesson plans, with procedures, aims, and objec- tiv.es clearly presented, also in (mimeogTaphed) outlines pllwed into the hands of the pupils. He succeeded in getting the cooperation of a number of clergymen, who tried out his study helps with about twenty-five hun- dred catechumens. There can be no doubt that the idea of study helps or lesson plans is most commendable, also in connection with tests (true-false, multiple choice). It is also most necessary to have the children realize the objectives of Catechism study more carefully, as the lesson plans in- dicate. These objectives can be realized very well also in connection with reports on sermons, as advocated by the author. - However, we have anum- Book Review. - 2tteratut. 239 ber of serious doubts with regard to this particular book. In the first place, it does not seem advisable to change the sequence of the Chief Parts, as the author proposes (p. 12). In the case of adults this may be done a little more easily, but most teachers of religion in the Lutheran Church have strongly advocated the order given by Luther. In the second place, the objectives of Christian education as given by the author are not in keeping with the pedagogy of the Bible. The sentence on page 8 "that the end of instruction lies in the experience of the learner" (compare p. 17) is liable to dangerous misinterpretation. The objectives of Christian educa- tion are given in 2 Tim. 3, 14 and Matt. 28, 20. Knowledge of the truth must precede all experience or at least motivate all experience. In the third place, the instruction advocated in this book is not sufficiently Christ- centerecl. The exposition on page 22 does not place the vicarious atone- ment of Christ in the center of Christian doctrine. The children are bound to conclude that Jesus is first of all a teacher, a model, and an example; His redemptive work is brought out only incidentally. In this connection it must be stated that study help No. 11, treating of the redemption of Christ, is very weak. In the fourth place, there are other discrepancies from the standpoint of Lutheran pedagogy, as when the author states (p. 31) that Baptism is first an act of the Church, and on page 21, that "Christians look forward to the time when Jesus, His person and His message, will be the ruling force in the relationships of this world." The reader can hardly eRcape the unpleasant impression that the book is tinged with sectarianism. In a number of cases one was inclined to ask, Is it synergistic? Is it pie- tistic? In short, a discriminating pastor could learn quite a little con- cerning a more fruitful method of catechetical work from this book, but he would hardly use the study helps which are offered by the author. P. E. KRETZMANN. The Lentelntide Family Altar. Brief Daily Lenten Devotions. Re- printed from The Family Altar of F. W. Herzberger. Concordia Pub- lishing House, St.Louis, Mo. 49 pages, 6X9. Price, 25 cts., postpaid. Concordia Publishing House is to be commended for undertaking this reprint from the well-known book of devotion The Family AJtar, written by the sainted Pastor F. W. Herzberger. Here are forty-seven devotions for the Lenten season, written in clear, simple, yet gripping language, pic- turing to us the Savior, who of God is made unto us Wisdom and Right- eousness and Sanctification and Redemption. Pastors should urge their members to buy these devotions, to read them in their family circle, and to make them the subject of their prayerful meditation. At the small cost of one half cent a day a wealth of wholesome spiritual food is offered here for the Lenten season. Tn. LAETscn. The Road He Trod. A Spiritual Pilgrimage. By Paul Zeller Strodach. Falcon Press, New York, N. Y. 148 pages, 5y"X7%. Price, $1.50. Turning from Herzberger's Lenten devotions to this book, one seems to be transferred into an entirely different atmosphere. Not only is the style and manner of presentation altogether different, - that would be no fault, - but, alas! we meet here with a different spirit. This spirit manifets itself not so much in what the author says. Much of that is 240 Book Review. - l3iteratur. true and is stated beautifully and impressively. The difference appears rather in the fact that the author does not say what must be said, and said time and again, in a series of meditations on the way from Jericho to Joseph's garden. We refer, of course, to the cardinal doctrine of Chris- tianity, the doctrine of vicarious atonement, without which there is no redemption and consequently no justification and without which there is no possibility of true sanctification, fellowshiping with, and following, Christ. This truth is nowhere in the book stated in clear and unmis- takable language. Why will Lutherans continue to use a trumpet giving an uncertain sound? TH. LAETBCH. BOOKS RECEIVED. Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, Mo.:- Proceedings of the Thirty-Third Convention of the Ev. Luth. Synodical Conference of North America, assembled at Mankato, Minn., Aiigust 10-15, 1932. 46 pages, 6X9. Price, 20 cts. ~merifnnifdier ~a(enber fur bentfdie 2utijernner nUf bn~ ~nijr 1933 nl1d) bet @eourt unfers &'.?G'tm :;SG'fu ~~rifti. l3iteratifd)er lRebafteut: \j.l aft 0 r G'. G' ct ~ arb t. Lutheran Annual, 1933. Literary editor: Rev. E. Eclchardt. 159 pages, 5% XB%, each. Price, 15 cts., each. In Thee Is Gladness. By Paul T. Buszin. For mixed chorus. Con- cordia Collection of Sac,'ed Ch01'uses and Anthems for More Ambitiou8 Choral O'rganL::ations, No. 27. 4 pages, 7Xll. Price, 15 cts. Immanuel. By Pau~ T. Buszin. Saored Sol08, No. 11. Medium. Uni- son choir - children. 2 pages, 9% X 11%. Price, 25 cts. Flem'mg H. Revell Company, New York, London, and Edinburgh:- God's Power for Me. By Christian F. Reisner, D. D., pastor of Broad- way Temple, New York. 159 pages, 5X7%. Price, $1.50. Is Christ PossibleP An Inquiry into World Need. By P. Whitwell Wilson. 219 pages, 5% XB. Price, $1.75. NOTICE TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS. In order to render satisfactory service, we must have our current mailing- list correct. The expense of maintaining this list has been materially increased. 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