Full Text for CTM Homiletics 24-6 (Text)

CONCORDIA THEOLOGICAL MONTHL Y Vol. XXXI JUNE 1960 No.6 Editorial Comment 340 Scripture and Tradition in the Council of Trent. RICHARD BAEPLER 341 The Sixteenth-Century "Confessyon of the Fayth of the Germaynes" in Twentieth-Century American English. HERBERT J. A. BOUMAN 363 "But Right or Wrong-My Architecture." GEORGE W. HOYER 371 HOMILETICS 379 THEOLOGICAL OBSERVER 387 BOOK REVIEW 391 EDITORIAL COMMITTEE VICTOR BARTLING, PAUL M. BRBTSCHER RICHARD R. CAEMMERER, MARTIN H. FRANZMANN ALFRED O. FUERBRINGER, ARTHUR CARL PIEPKORN WALTER R. ROEHRS,"" LEWIS W. SPITZ GILBERT A. THIELE "" On leave of absence Address all commtmications to the Editorial Committee in care of Victor Bartting, 801 De Mun Ave., St. Louis 5, Mo.