Full Text for CTM Miscellanea 14-1 (Text)

54 Miscellanea Miscellanea The Possibility of Miracles In the July 30, 1942, issue of the Watchman-Examiner (Baptist) Prof. William Hazer Wrighton of the Eastern Baptist Theological Semi­nary, Philadelphia, Pa., submits a helpful discussion of miracles in an article entitled "Miracles and the Laws of Nature." We reprint a part of the article. "If we seek the answer to the question, Are miracles possible? we will finally conclude that they are actualities, possible at any time, but occurring only when the Supreme Will would have them. This will works through the medium of the material and living things which it has already created. It is a perfectly reasonable happening, since it is willed by the Supreme Will, and since it is not contrary to any external forces and none of these forces have to be suspended for its operation. 'A "miracle" is not a mere marvel; it is rather an event caused by a direct or im"