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CONTENTS Pqe ___ • C!tnnrnrbtu m tnln!lttal :!Intt1lJlg COlltinaial LEHRE UNO WEHRE MAGAZIN PUER Ev.-LUTH. HOMILEnK THEOLOGICAL QUARTERLY-THEOLOGICAL MONTHLY Vol. :xm April, 1942 No.4 Verbal Inspiration-a Stumbling-Block to the Jews and Foolish- ness to the Greeks. Th. Engelder ... ________. Z41 Leading Thoughts on &chatology in the Epistles to the ThessaIonians. L. Fuerbrlnger 265. ___ .. __ .... _ .. ____ ._. ___ . _ . ___Luther: A Blessing to the English. W. Dallmann __ 273 Outlines on the Wuerttemberg Epistle SelectioDS __.. _. 290 Miscellanea 302_. ___ _ ._. __ ... ___ .. ______ .. ______ Theological Observer. -Kirchlich-Zeitgeschichtliches 303_ Book Review. - Literatur 313.... _. EIn Pred1ger muss nlcht allein toei­ Es 1st ke1n Ding. daa die Leute den, also dasa er die Schafe Witer­ mehr be! der Klrche behaelt clenn wetae. wie ale rechte ChrIsten BOllen die gute PrKlgt. - Apo1ogie, An. J4 seln, .ondern auch daneben den Woel­ fen toehRa, dass ale die Schafe nlcht mgrelfen und mit fal8cher Lehre ver­ If the trumpet give an uncertain fuehren und Irrtum einfuehren. BOund. who shall prepare h1mself to Luther the battle? -1 eM. If:' Published for the Ev. Luth. Synod of Missouri, Ohio, and Other States CONCORDIA PUBLISHING BOUSE, St. Louis, Mo. Catholic who to a Protestant minister be married commits unworthy Catholics ever God sacrament. from separates guilty parties body Christ; cuts from communion draws them curse God. says Paul, 'the what fellowship agree­ Belial?' that the Woe, therefore, to themselves such "The God needed upon actions; it especially upon great Not blessing to despise God himself. Such a contempt of God often been severely punished, even life. Tyrol, there striking instance divine retribution. inhabitant of the village about dinner a accosted the usual salutation: 'Gesegen's dir Gott!' bless it.) 'No sion blessing,' replied; again.' Shortly afterward man was attacked with a disease of the stomach, in consequence of could eat food, and liquids which ejected rebellious stomach. After lingering few in this condition, devoured by reduced skeleton, punishment should teach those a lesson who go to be married before Protestant minister in contempt of God of his blessing bestowed upon P.E.K. the article "Luther: Blessing English. The Lutheran Invasion" 1942) read: P. 113, line 21 from the top: "Hole" instead of "Hob." P. 115, line 16 from the bottom: "Tunstal" instead of "Tunstad." P. 118, line from the top: "Roper commended the happy state of the realm, which More replied:". 302 Miscellanea Miscellanea Maya Catholic Be Married by a Protestant Minister? The following paragraphs, taken verbatim from a book by the Catholic theologian Michel Mueller, entitled God, the Teacher of Man­ kind, will bear out the contention, occasionally voiced in these pages, that the Pope hates Protestantism as much today as ever. We quote: "A goes to a mortal sin and is to receive the sacraments until he does true penance. "It is a most wicked and detestable thing that should so far forget all dictates of faith and piety as to be united in the bonds of matrimony before a heretical preacher, in contempt of the Church of and of the sanctity of this Such an act is a public apostasy the Catholic faith; it the from the of it them off the of saints; it upon the of 'Bear not,' St. yoke together with unbelievers: for, what participation hath justice with in­ justice, or hath light with darkness? And what ment hath Christ with is, devil. those who make guilty of an impious deed! blessing of is all our is needed those actions which are of importance. to care for the of God, is has in this "In the village of H--, lately occurred a very of An was sitting down to his when neighbor him with pious (May God occa­ for a the scoffer 'when I am hungry, I will eat this which he no solid the of he partook were immediately by the a months hunger and to a the unfortunate man died. His a and those who marry in Christ and his Church." Corrigenda In A to the I. (February, 21 to