Full Text for Verbal Inspiration - a Stumbling Block for the Jews and Foolishness to the Greeks, part 10 (Text)

_________ _____ _________ ______ _ __ __ _ __ _ _ _ ______ _ ________ ______ ____ ___ __ __ ______ _ LutheT 313 . We thank God that regulations concerning such small matters as the ox and are incorporated in Trivialities in the Bible? There are none. Pastor E. L. Arndt: "Der Liebe ist keine Kleinigkeit zu klein. Eben weil sie so gross ist, kuemmert sie sich urn alles." (Proc., Mich. Dist., 1895, p. 32.) Every single word of Scripture is important, every single state­ ment profitable, 2 Tim. 3: 16. Yes, and everything bears on Christ, the the one theme of Scripture. Luther: then, the entire Scripture is throughout nothing but Christ, God's and Mary's Son; all has to do with this Son that we might know Him." (III: 1959.) To be sure, not everything set down in Scripture is of the same importance.219) Nor do we in the present state of our knowl- H. E. Fosdick on the and every part of for beast and man: believes in God at he believe that God for universe as a whole .... 'Nothing walks with feet,' says Tennyson. 'There are no acci­ dents with God,' says Longfellow. . .. Can God have a purpose for the whole and not for the parts? . . . God calls us everyone by name. As an Indian poet sings: 'The subtle anklets that ring on the feet of an in­ sect when it moves are heard of Him.' ... Of course, it is not God's will that 'one of these little ones should perish,' Matt. (The Mean­ ing of Prayer, p.51 Why this same man should those who believe that the Scriptures can be trivial" is our 219) Must we bring evidence to show that the Bible-theologians do not say that? This is what they "Whilst everything in the Scrip­ tures is for man, it does not follow that every part is equally valuable to every man. The Bible is framed with reference to the average want of a whole race. Everything in it is there for somebody, although it may not be specially meant for you. And yet the parts which seem to the least adapted to may even for him a less they may inspire of new necessities, mind and him of himself in a (Krauth, The Bible It is not our fault J. M. Gibson "wasted many precious hours in trying to make sermons Jews importance Deut. taught it. provide Bible Inspiration. 2 Tim. it is the inspired Word of The you "St. "It addressing person whom he YQCI.