Full Text for CTM Theological Observer 12-5 (Text)

arnurnr~iu UJqrnlngiral 6tl11l11y Continuing LEHRE UNO VVEHRE MAGAZIN FUER Ev.-LuTH. HOMILETIK THEOLOGICAL QUARTERLy -THEOLOGICAL M ONTHLY Vol. XII May, 1941 No.5 CONTENTS Page The Christian's Attitude towards His Government and on War Louis J. Roehm __________________________________________________ 321 Verbal Inspiration - a Stumbling-Block to the Jews and Foolish- ness to the Greeks. Th. Engelder ____________________________________________________ 340 Modern Humanism. F. E. Mayer _______________________________________________________________ 362 Outlines on the Wuerttemberg Gospel Selections __ ________________________ 371 Theological Observer. - Kirchlich-Zeitgeschichtliches ___________________ 382 Book Review. - Literatur ____________________________________________________________________________ 393 Em Pred1ger muss nlcht alle1n "'ei- den, also dass er die Schafe unter- weise. wle sle rechte Cbr1sten sollen sein. sondern auch daneben den Woe!- fen weh,.en, dass sie die Schafe nlcht angreUen und mit falscher Lehre ver- fuehren und Irrtwn einfuehren. Luther Es 1st kein Ding. das die Leute mehr bel der Kirche behaelt denn die gute Pred1gt. - Apologie, Arl.24 If the trumpet give an uncertain sound. who shall prepare himself to the battle? -1 COf'. 14:8 Published for the Ev. Luth. Synod of Missouri, Ohio, and Other States CONCORDIA PUBLISHING BOUSE, St. Louis, Mo. 3 8 2 Theological Observer - ,Qircf)lid)