Full Text for CTM Dispositionen ueber die von der Synodalkonferenz angenommene Serie alttestamentlicher Texte 1-12 (Text)

(!Tnurnr~tu wl1rnlngirul lInutqly Continuing Lehre und Wehre (Vol. LXXVI) Magazin fuer Ev.-Luth. Homiletik (Vol. LIV) TheoI. Quarterly (1897-1920)-Theol. Monthly (Vol. X) Vol. I December, 1930 No. 12 CONTENTS Page FUERBRINGER, L.: Paulus in Athen ....... ' ............. 881 ENGELDER, TH.: The Active Obedience of Christ ....... 888 GRAEBNER, TH.: Reformed Tendencies in Certain Amer- ican Lutheran Churches ............................... 897 'BERNER, E.: Abhaltung einer Gemeindevisitation ........ 902 ivruELLER, J. T.: Address on Rom. 14, 7-9 at the Memo- rial Service for Mr. Erling Teigen......... . . . . . . . . . . .. 911 STREUFERT, F. C.: Pastoral Visits. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 916 Dispositionen ueber die von der Synodalkonferenz ange- nommene Serie alttestamentlicher Texte............... 920 Theological Observer. - Kirchlich-Zeitgeschichtliches. . . . .. 933 Book Review. - Literatur .................................. 953 Em Prediger muss nicht allein weiden, also dass er die Schafe unterweise, wie sie rechte Ohristen Bollen sein, sondern auch daneben den Woelfen wehren, dass sie die Schafe nicht angreifen und mit falscher Lehre verfuehren Imd Irrtum ein- fuehren. - Luthe'r. Es ist kein Ding, das die Leute mehr bei der Kirche behaelt denn die gute Predigt. - Apologie, Art. ~4. If the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle? 1 Oor.14, 8. Published for the Ev. Luth. Synod of Missouri, Ohio, and Other States" , CONCORDIA PUBLISHING HOUSE, St. Louis, Mo., 920 SDis\Jofitionen tibet dne 5erie altteftamentHd)et ste&te. tears in his eyes he then related that at one time he had been a good member of his church, attending the services fairly regularly. He then spoke of his downfall; he had pilfered money from letters at the post-office. He was sorry for his deeds; indeed, he was on the verge of despondency, so that even the thought of doing away with himself and "ending it all" had entered his mind. Yet a few Bible- verses that he remembered had always given him strength to over- come the temptation. "But I can hardly bear it any longer. All have turned against me - my family, my friends, and seemingly also my pastor. I never saw him since I was committed to jail; I never re- ceived a word or letter from him. Oh, how it would cheer me to re- ceive only a card!" And in that same strain he continued. I gave him ample time to unbosom his heart, and I listened attentively. This gave me an opportunity to diagnose his case and to ponder which remedy I might offer him from "God's Medicine Ohest," which is so complete that it has not only one specific, but remedies for all the sorrows of a troubled soul. I pointed out to him that his misdeeds were sins indeed, with which he had offended his Lord and God and given offense to his church, his family, and his friends, and that he deserved the punishment he was suffering now. Yet he should not despair. Though all had seemingly turned against him, he still had one Friend whose love never grows cold, who was always ready to receive him and always willing to listen to his prayer. And as to his pastor, he surely remembered him in his prayers. Would his pastor not welcome a line or two from him in which he would express his regret for his misconduct and for the offense given ? No doubt he would then write to him or even come to console him. - Before I bade him farewell he was visibly cheered, and he requested me to call on him at my next visit to the penal institution. Let us remain in contact with such unfortunate prisoners and do all in our power to save their souls. Fortunate is he who need not wend his way to the prison door to look after such erring sheep. Ohicago, Ill. F. O. STREUFERT. @ " , ,!)i~.p.ofitiuueu iUiet bie l.JUU bet ES~uubIlIfuuferelt~ Ilugeuummeue ESerie IlItteftllmeutIidjet ;r:e~te+ ~fftef Sonntag im m:bbent. ~ 1- 24. Weue£l st!irdjenjafjr, neue ~erie. 2Hier nidjt neue .2efjre, f onbern ba£l ane @:ibangeIium, ba£l ber unberiinberIidje e man ;Jef. 51, 12-16; 54,4-17. &)in111eg mit aIIer ~rauerl 60IIte ber S1!i:Jnig ber @fjren au feinem ~oIf fommen unb e5 mit 60rgen oefdjillert, ffeingliiuoig, beraagt, bem ~ersilleife1n nafje finben? Wein. meb 31, 1. 2. 60illenig ber S1!onig un5 in ~rauer finben foIl, fOillenig im ::tJienft ber 6unbe. ~. 3. ::tJe§ &)@rrn ~erg unb feine fjeiIige 6tiitte ift feine S1!irdje, bie ecclesia militans et triumphans. )!Ber fann ba oleilJen unb illanbefn al§ ~urger biefer ®oHe§ftabt, fidj ber ®egenillart, be§ &)eiI5, be5 6djute5 f eine5 ®nabenfonig5 freuen unb troften? ::tJie 2!ntillort ~. 4. 5. )!Bie oeim menfdjen &)ers unb 6ee1e, ber 6i:\> ber Eeoen5hiifte, inillenbig finb unb IDCunb unb &)iinbe, baburdj fidj bie Eeoen§hiifte iiuBern, aU5illenbig, fo illirb fjier in ber )!BortfteIIung ben iiuBeren 922 SDilllJofitionen tibet eine l5etie altteftamentlicf)et ;tel;te. Sl!unbgeliungen bie iiuf3ere @Stellung ilugeroief en, roiiljrenb fie umfaff en, umfdjHef3en, in iljre IDlUte neljmen bie eigentridjen Belien~quelIen, Sjeril unb @Seele. jiller reine~ Sjerilen~ ift, roeffen Sjeril gereinigt ift burdj [ljrifti ~[ut unb ®o±±e~ ®nabe, roer nidjt BUft ljat au falfdjer Beljre (eigentridj: roer f cine @SeeIe nidjt erljelit ilum Widjtigen), roer fidj allein auf ®o±te~ jillort, ba~ jillaljrljeit ift, berIiif3t, ber roirb audj f eine Sjiinbe fdjulbfrei, feinen .llRunb frei ljaHen bon IDleineib unb allen ,3ungen~ fiinben. Wur ein foldjcr, ,;sef. 1, 15; 1 ~im. 2, 8; ,;solj. 9, 31, ein foldjer alier audj geroif3, ~e6t, m. 6, roirb ben @Segen empfangen (eigentIidj: tragen), m. 5, geroif3, eine filf3e Baft; ie meljr, ie Helier. Unb ®eredjtig~ feit, bie bor ®oit gilt, nidjt aI~ Boljn feiner SjeHigung, fonbern aI~ ®nabengefdjenf bon bem ®o±t feine~ SjeiI~.