Full Text for Verbal Inspiration - a Stumbling Block for the Jews and Foolishness to the Greeks, part 1 (Text)

Qrnutnrbitt m4tnlngitttl ilnutllly L£HR.E UNO WE.HIlE MAG1.ZtN PtJEIl EV.FLUTl-L HOMlLETlK T HEOLOGIC.\l QUARTERLy.T HEOLOGlCAL MONTHLY Vol. XU April, 1941 No.4 CONTENTS r ... Verbal Ift"}ll ro.tJon _ a Smmbllo" B1f:ock to the Je_ and Foollt.llbt'S& 10 tlIe Gnl('.lai. n. Eft.e1du !41 .4.dvt'ot IU1d LeDt "Clo.sed SeIl$Ons"? .', At., Koltb Sermon Study for Good. Frid.~. Z Cor. 6:1 J·21. Tb. t.af-tKlI Outline!! OD the Wllerltembert Gos.P81 Se!edions , .. '" ,.. '09 ... ,IS Ei.D. Pred.itu m,* mcl:rot IIl.l.r:!D ~d­ ciao. ,,'10 ~ 1:1' da ~ u:rtez,. .. ,~ 11. 1"WhW Qu1.1'\en .,u_ lid', 1'1""11 ·.c·.d..~1 .s.aWocl· fal ttc.1i,..,., d.IIIt Ib d.W~. nlc:ht ~ un.!.rut h!.Oa Lett.~ TK_ £II 1st bin DIna. d.u di, Leute meln' bel der lUt'ehe boI' _ eU d. tu'\ ~ m!' Pred.:t' - "pol< gk, Arl-:!l U the trumpet a\Te an ~n ten ",,4 lrftUnL ~ftI_ ..""',, wtln IbJoU f'"1>U' If L _ _ ... - tho h,ittl",' _ lCor.J(,1 Pubtidlcd for the Ev. Luth. S1'Qod of Miaouri. Ohio, Qd Other SbI .... CONCORDIA PDBLJck to Jews, Etc. 259 that, if the Bible contains God cannot have these portions of the Bible is absolutely true. And since Paine and Lessing and Alleman are convinced that the Bible is full of errors, they must reject Verbal James Brooks, in an ad- dress before theological students in 1880, declared: ''The theory now so popular that the words of are not has been invented to account the errors in the Bible. If you come to anything that does not agree with your ideas, you fall to this theory to the dishonor of God's Word." (See LehTe und WehTe, 57, p. p. 303.) M'Intosh raises the same "The truth the reasons that led to the adoption of this denies Verbal Inspiration) "were not originally derived from at all. do not even profess to found it on passages. They were first used by the foes of the Christian faith infidels - who, in their to upon the difficulties and di~;crlep