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"Lord Jesus Christ, Thou hast Prepared" by Samuel Kinner, 1603-1668 Translated by Emanuel Cronenwett, 1841-1931 Text From: The Lutheran Hymnal (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1941) 1. Lord Jesus Christ, Thou hast prepared A feast for our salvation, It is Thy body and Thy blood; And at Thy invitation As weary souls, with sin opprest, We come to Thee for needed rest, For comfort and for pardon. 2. Although Thou didst to heaven ascend, Where angel hosts are dwelling, And in Thy presence they behold Thy glory all excelling, And though Thy people shall not see Thy glory and Thy majesty Till dawns the Judgment morning, 3. Yet, Savior, Thou art not confined To any habitation, But Thou art present everywhere And with Thy congregation. Firm as a rock this truth shall stand, Unmoved by any daring hand Or subtle craft and cunning. 4. We eat this bread and drink this cup, Thy precious Word believing That Thy true body and Thy blood Our lips are here receiving. This word remains forever true, And there is naught Thou canst not do; For Thou, Lord, art almighty. 5. Though reason cannot understand, Yet faith this truth embraces; Thy body, Lord, is everywhere At once in many places. How this can be I leave to Thee, Thy word alone sufficeth me, I trust its truth unfailing. 6. Lord, I believe what Thou hast said, Help me when doubts assail me; Remember that I am but dust And let my faith not fail me. Thy Supper in this vale of tears Refreshes me and stills my fears And is my priceless treasure. 7. Grant that we worthily receive Thy Supper, Lord, our Savior, And, truly grieving o'er our sins, May prove by our behavior That we are thankful for Thy grace And day by day may run our race, In holiness increasing. 8. For Thy consoling Supper, Lord, Be praised throughout all ages! Preserve it, for in every place The world against it rages. Grant that this Sacrament may be A blessed comfort unto me When living and when dying. _______________________________________________________ Notes: Hymn #306 from The Lutheran Hymnal Text: 1 Cor. 11: 26 Author: Samuel Kinner, 1638 Translated by: Emanuel Cronenwett, 1880, ad. Titled: "Herr Jesu Christ, du hast bereit't" Composer: Peter Sohren, 1668 Tune: "Herr Jesu Christ, du hast bereit't" ______________________________________________________________ This text was converted to ascii format for Project Wittenberg by Cindy A. Beesley and is in the public domain. You may freely distribute, copy or print this text. Please direct any comments or suggestions to: Rev. Robert E. Smith of the Walther Library at Concordia Theological Seminary. E-mail: robert.smith@ctsfw.edu Surface Mail: 6600 N. Clinton St., Ft. Wayne, IN 46825 USA Phone: (260) 452-3149 Fax: (260) 452-2126 ______________________________________________________________