Full Text for The Mass Restored to its Evangelical Form by Luther (Text)

INDIAN ENVOY A~CEPTS CROP GIFT is shipping immediately 40.000 bushels of wheat to Bombay. Madame Pandit said, in accepting the gift: "This wheat will not only feed my people but also revive their spirit slid show them the warmth and gen- erosity of the American people, and it will build a bridge of friendship U' between our countries." Madame Pandit is seen above with officials of - CROP, from left to right: John D. ~Metzler, Church World Service Madame Pandit, Ray F. Murray, Cdtholic Rural Life, and Clifford E I Y Dahlin, Lutheran World Relief. Vol. XXXIV JULY. 1951 No. 7 ' I\:XXILr, No. 7 AMRRICAS 1,UTFIERAN lhc Mass ltcstorcd to Lts Ilvangclical i?or*m by 1,uthcr FRED 11. I.ISDE3l,\XS 1: is is I I C 0 I- ;ibolislictl evcsything, ~~nrticuln.rly in o~rt- Ir /.QL-I~I/PI.'S "ner Hallptqo/tc~.s~iior.~t" ward thi~~gs, tllat \\:as not h:lsctl on ;111 , :ruii.do/io~r. cs~~rcss n~ortl of Script~irc :lnd had com~:. .\, tilc I~ugs~)urg Collfcssion, it; int'~ vog~ic after the tinlc af the :\postlcs. :alogy, and T,ut~lcr7s liturgical \vrit- Luther ~)roceedcd \vith Fxtrc:me c:~ution ,:s illo\v. the &laill Scrcice retainetl ant1 iorhcilrallce accfjrtling to princi]ilcs custalnary IlaIne anti the Cllurc)l of drawn from the inmost lifespring ot' '8,: true faith conlinucd lo c:,ll it the Scripture and truly evangelical prncticc. i< a term that (lcsignntes the 1:ollowing these ~)rinciplcs, he uni-elent- ;! ;es\-ice, the cult, ;ind corrcsl)oll,-js ingly swept out everything that was in- tile C;reek I.iturgin, as tllc ~l,ol~g~, trinsiic:~lly papistic leclvcn and part oi the ,,.[jclc SIT, empllasizcs :lg;lirlst ahomi11nl,Tc s:~crilicc of tlic Mass, even .1)i5tic derivation from the T~Lehre\\ though it had only the odor oi sncrifice. ~:ci,c:lcll, altar of sacrifice, when it 011 the other h;t~itl, he sej~aratetl the ,,:el : ,.l~i~~:~ and 1,ilurgi;, do not ruhhisli t11;lt li:ctl bee11 given only a :!I, .acrificc; ~,liss;l siallifjes in the ~h~rdil!r C~~OI-ing is011? the things that ' [Ile collecte(l giit of the pcoplr. were iri Iiart~rony witli the pure doc- + tile beginning the C:hsistians also re- trine ilnd provctl to he the common prop- iriecl this custoln. Colninx together, erty of the univcr.s:ll Chu~ch, with the :\ ~lrcl~lc~it iootl and rlrink for the poor, sl~cci;il consit!cration that they further tlli. cllitOlll e;LmC fro,,, tile J~\,.~, and serve tlic Word aud Sacranicnt. 111 ..::,, \\.ere rJl)lia;ltcd to bring sllcll his Formula ;\liss;~e he wrote: "We ,:llltioll. to tlleil ic;,.;ts, ;lrld call(.tl tllclll :lsscst tlint it is not ;~nd nevcr has been ',,~:l." In tllc. Sc~ul~ill;rvi;,n-T,l,t~lcr~lI1 ill our ~nirldsto :il)olish cntirely the ':::ll.cll tlli; Il~llllc is still lrscd to (lcsig- \vliolc formal cultus oi God, but to , ,qc tilc -\l;,il1 ~~~~i~~, but in cIe:u~sc that \vhicIi is ill use. wliicli has .i,,~l.~,u~~,er~ill ~'l~~~~l.~ it iclI illtl, cli.;use 11cc1i viti;~tci.l 1)y most :lhornin;~ble acldi- ..i., ~,lt~lrlug~l ill tllr days of tllc nu- tion" nxntl to point out a pious use. He -> \.cjut~l tll(. (:cllrlmunion \\.as still dcclarcs the same in his Ordrr of 1523 : or % :letl tIlc ()ffjcc, ill the ~ucrcnbt.sg arc.;:, 1 Ilc litul-g:-y llO\\~ in COltlnlOll USc evcry- tlil: ,e,.ulc,n tri tllc llail, srrTicc \\7l1c1'c, lil.;c, thc preaching of'ficc., h:~s a :\I? O