Full Text for Lutheran Worship 2- Volume 79 - Luther's Influence on Worship in the LCMS (Video)

ROUGHLY EDITED COPY LUTHERAN WORSHIP 2 79.LW2 Captioning provided By: Caption First, Inc. P.O. Box 1924 Lombard, IL 60148 ******** This text is being provided in a rough draft format. Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is provided in order to facilitate communication accessibility and may not be a totally verbatim record of the proceedings. ******** >> PAUL: I'm hoping this will be a practical question. How have Luther's reforms influenced the liturgy and hymnody within the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod? >> DR. JAMES BRAUER: The influence of Luther is similar to what happened in Leipzig. We're quite aware of his Latin mass and German mass. So let's take that Lutheran Hymnal. The music for the Holy Communion service and the text for it have been basically the same in the hymnal that preceded it. And they've moved into the next hymnal, Lutheran Worship. And it will move even into the book at the beginning of the twenty first century. So over that century what we have as a Holy Communion service, if you examine it, is basically a translation into English of the Latin mass with some options of using hymns in certain ways. Now, this actually occurs in the hymnal supplement Page 6 where we have a hymnic version of different parts of the service. So now they've taken what Luther did in the German mass with the hymn paraphrase for standard parts of the ordinary that the congregation would sing and done a hymn design in place of it. So the influence of Luther and how he handled the mass order has continued into American books. In the 20th-century, it was dominated mostly by the Latin mass design because, I think, the Germans liked the bigger design. That was a preference they had, the fuller kind of text and options. And now as we come to a missional age, the German mass design has simplified, fewer parts, seems much more attractive to us. So he continues to influence us whether you go Latin Mass or German mass features.