Full Text for Dogmatics 4- Volume 55 - How different is the ministry of pastors today from that of the apostles? (Video)

No. 55. >> In Scripture we read of the apostles being given the ministry to preach. What about the pastors today? How different is their ministry from that of the apostles? >>DR. KLAUS DETLEV SCHULZ: Well, Josh, I think I will use your question to basically condense that what I have said in the previous question. I would say three things pertain here. First, the apostles were given the extraordinary call. That is the immediate call by Jesus Christ. They were also given the gift of performing miraculous powers, of being able to heal others. And then finally, they were also given the task, the functions, to minister God's Word to the people. Which of these three continue with that of the pastors? I believe only Point No. 3. First, today pastors are called into the office by the church. That is not an immediate call. But a mediated call. Nonetheless, still a call by Jesus Christ. Secondly, is their ministry endowed with special healing powers? I don't believe so. That was something uniquely given to the apostles. Of course pastors today will pray over others and will hope that the Lord does work in miraculous ways. But today we have medical technologies and so forth which we can refer sick members to, as well. So I do believe the continuation of the apostles' office is to be found in the third point that I've made. Namely, in the function. That there is an apostolic function or succession as we could say that allows pastors to continue that what the apostles had done already then. Namely, to preach God's Word, to baptize, to forgive the sins of others. That was II Corinthians 5. To be reconcilers, ambassadors. These all are special functions given to the church in which a pastor stands now in the office and performs.